B.M.W.B #48 – Without Technology

I think sometimes that technology is the greatest barrier to good parenting and its greatest inspiration.

The lure of the quick email check, the scintillating blog post that distracts and I’m not even on facebook or twitter!

But then there is the inspiration, the solidarity, the sharing of the joy in the journey, the ease of finding tips, party plans, reward charts….. the ease of sharing photos…. it’s not all bad.

On Sunday The Atlas was away and I had promised the boys we would bike to the dairy to spend some pocket-money. For more on how we do pocket-money see here.

As we left I said ‘we could go to the dairy you suggested or we could bike down to the one by school and stop for a play on the playground’. Unanimously accepted the alternative!

So we biked in the sun with no hurry. We stopped and ate ice-blocks and played on the playground. I had no camera (the photo is an old one), no phone, no book to read, no other adult to chat with – just 2 boys to enjoy. We were very thankful for the open toilets… possibly accidental …. but when it was number 2s we needed to do I’m sure the caretaker was pleased too.

I even played tree tag and I’m not usually a tag player. The Atlas is naturally good at these things – being present, playing tag, not hurrying…. I am learning them and without him there I had the choice of stepping up. I’m pleased I did.

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

 Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

And happy anniversary to The Atlas – man of my life. So thrilled to have spent the last 13 years playing wife to you. xxxx


11 responses

  1. Sometimes the lure of technology gets in the way here, too, but like you, I try and be as present as possible in the hope that my boys will grow up knowing I’ll be here when they need me. Well done to you, and a very happy annversary to you and The Atlas xx

    1. thanks I think we all struggle to find the balance

  2. Yep, the sneaky email check. We are all guilty. Flip was so excited about the dairy, he told me about it the day before! A.

  3. We’re making an effort here too, the boys are now only getting computer/xbox on rainy weekends, otherwise on Sunday we’re going somewhere. This weekend it was Riccarton Market and then we put new fenceposts in with the boys help. Next weekend eldest has an overnighter with Cubs.

    1. good for you I’m sure it gets harder as they get older

      1. I think it does in some ways, but we’re noticing they’re able to find things to do more easily now that it’s not an option. Though Ian quite often turns around and says he hates the rules, rules are dumb.

  4. Glad you are making the most of this wonderful stage. x

  5. I’ve had a blogging break . . . it was only 3 days but it was 3 days well needed . . . thinking about making it 4 days next time 🙂 sometimes technology just gets in the way

    1. good for you – it’s so easy for it to take over!

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