Happy For

Yesterday it began to rain while I was at school helping to organise the end of year Christmas pageant (so not a pageant but when else would I get to use that word!!) I had washing on the line….

When I came home this is what I found – my neighbour rescued the washing off the line and put the pegs in Flip’s cap and put it all under the verandah thingy we have. God Bless a washing fairy!

These 2 boys that love each other so much – The Atlas and I found them playing together with this suitcase one morning before school.

I love that the when a very large and exciting advent box arrived Flip decided to race down to his room and wrap a parcel for Daddy so he didn’t feel left out – I so love that kid’s generous heart.

I love that I have the best advent swap partner ever!! Leonie is one of those incredible, generous, over-achievers (love a good overachiever!!) – I am in for an AWESOME December.

The box also contained those ‘air bag’ packaging things which were joyfully burst as well.

I love that the box quickly became a boat for the teddies and then a table for a picnic afternoon tea and then a prop in the ‘wipeout’ obstacle course that the boys built.

And I’m also totally awed by our brains – I am learning lines for a performance next week and it kind of blows my mind that we can with a small amount of intention memorize and regurgitate lines we read – our brain is fearfully and wonderfully made indeed.

I love that it’s Friday and tomorrow I proudly turn 35!! Halfway to 70 – bring it. :o)

I bet Meghan has an amazing collection of things she is grateful for too – her list is always cool.


10 responses

  1. 35 – a good year!

  2. Don’t rush to 70! Enjoy 35. I agree with Naomi- a good year especially with all your darling boys.

    1. I plan to enjoy every minute

  3. Happy Birthday, hope you have a wonderful day. I thought I would take this opportunity to tell you how much I have enjoyed your posts. I also say enjoy every day, 70 will come far quicker than you expect!

    1. thank you Kay for your kind words xx

  4. Happy birthday!! Wishing you a wonderful day xx
    P.S: love your neighbour, love your boys, love the big box of advent goodies!

    1. thanks Ange and me too on all fronts!

  5. Happy Birthday to the girl with the big generous loving heart who took a stranger into her home xxx
    You are in for an AMAZING December – as are many of us Advent Swappers I believe xxx

    1. thanks Cat and for being the woman that makes things happen!

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