And The Receiving Begins

I am a gift lover – I really enjoy buying/making/giving – it makes me very happy. On the flip side I also love to receive presents. Primarily I give and receive love via words but loving touch and presents also speak of love very loudly to me.

Day One

So just right now and for another 21 days!!!! I am feeling (and so are my boys!!!!) very loved by a Miss Leonie Sunshine (x3). Each Saturday I’m going to share the love so you can see the wonderful things I’ve been unwrapping – because if you can’t have the present at least you can enjoy someone else having them right?

 Day Two Me

 Day Two Boys

 I know today is Monday but I wanted to start with the first three days.

Cat is the wonderful Advent Host and she has links on her blog if you want to go and check out other participants.

Day Three 


 My Christmas tree is looking so awesome!!!

Also tomorrow for Becoming the Mama I Want to Be – I would love you to post in with any post (you don’t have to have a link in it) of cool stuff you’ve done with your wee ones – any time this year. Multiple links welcome.


6 responses

  1. To quote your great aunt, “What Fun!” x

  2. So gorgeous! Leonie is so generous- I saw sneak peeks of some of your gifts and they are AMAZING!

    1. I know I so hit the jackpot with Leonie for a partner!

  3. LOVELY gifts!
    I do love the wee gifts for your boys too !! !! !!

    1. they are beyond excited about the whole thing

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