friday classics

fish language – on the way to school this week I heard Flip telling Bounce he could speak fish language. Bounce said he could too but Flip said ‘no you can’t but I can introduce you to the fish and then when they know you, you will be able to speak their language’.

4-year-old knowing and wonder – we had a beautiful Christmas celebration with some other families this week and Santa came with gifts for each family. Bounce informed me seriously and quietly that ‘Santa was actually Sam’s Dad’. Then the next morning when the Wise Men had moved from the bathroom to the top of the fish tank he said to The Atlas – ‘How could the Wise Men have made it over there? They must have climbed down and crossed the kitchen under the table, climbed the draws and heaved (don’t you love 4-year-old words!) themselves onto the fish tank. It’s amazing.’



 I love the look of wonder on the children’s faces when Santa arrived even though they ‘knew’ who he was. They are at this beautiful place of fully entering in to the magic even if they know the truth.


We received all the pieces to make a gingerbread house – Whoop!!


There is actually heaps to love this week and so much of it is about the boys so I might just do another post about them over the weekend. I am so enjoying this Advent season.

Head over to Meghan’s the home of taking time to be grateful each week. 


4 responses

  1. What fun! Love the fish language conversation, so so precious! And love that your kids entered into the magic of it all despite knowing that Santa was one of their nearest and dearest 🙂

    1. I agree they really join in and that is so much of the fun 🙂

  2. I’m just in love with the bottom photo – so simple so pretty – I heart nature

    1. me too daisies make me so happy

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