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When Good Bread Goes Bad

For the past year or so I  have made all our bread by hand -2 loaves at a time – without a bread maker, the old-fashioned way

Which I love to do except when my cooking spray runs out….

hmmm yeah – kind of resent it when it doesn’t turn out of the pan like a dream (which I did my best to grease!)

What kitchen mishap do you take personally??


How Do You Spell Love?

Today I decided to try to spell love the way The Atlas might like it spelt – don’t worry this is not an X rated post!

I spelt it like this B-R-E-A-D, hot cross buns to be specific, or perhaps partially-crossed buns!

Many people talk about the therapy of hand-making bread. I have been making all our bread (give or take an earthquake!) this year.

Part of me gets the therapy aspect

Another part of me doesn’t.

The part that doesn’t is the timing bit. No matter how the day is going you can guarantee the minute you get to 10 minutes of focussed kneading one of the following will happen –

a fight will break out

2 people will both want to help you (in the least helpful ways possible – think adding egg shells to the mix and the like)

someone will do poos and want their nappy changed

someone will decide they want something to drink/eat NOW

the phone will ring with a person who just wants a few minutes of your time to sell you something you would never buy on the spur of the moment, especially something you don’t want….

Favourite answer when asked ‘is this a good time for you?’ is my current classic – ‘I have 2 children under 5 (who you can usually hear fighting in the background at this moment) No time is a good time for me. Thank you’ – in a high pleasant voice before hanging up.

Back to bread – I wanted to try a sweet loaf but this was a recipe I had on hand – Sophie Gray book 2.

Hot cross buns – mildly cross/ perspiring mama! – happy children, happy Atlas!

ps – we did have a wonderful time reading stories together on the bean bag that we got at the library this morning and if I had only read all the way to the bottom of the page in the recipe book I would have seen there is a variation for fruit loaves – sigh, I am slightly nuts!