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All-Out Munch-a-thon

Apparently there is some sporting event going on in NZ just now???!!!

On Monday with some assistance from Baker’s Delight our music group celebrated in the kind of style I like to approach sport.

Eat good food – the ‘All Blacks’ Finger buns were a major hit!

They also gave us bread loaves (note the Go NZ! stencilled on the top)

And a selection of their delicious rolls – baps, cheesy, grainy, mixed grain, wholemeal and white – SO generous! (and rather nice too from the too many I ate!)

I am also happy to report that the lovely ladies at Baker’s Delight Northlands were super helpful and friendly.

I also like that they only use unbleached flour and everything is made by hand.

I’m trying to make all our bread this year but when you are buying bakery bread it’s nice to feel like it’s as good or better, in terms of care and quality, than what you’d do at home.

Of course all sport requires some socialising – yes?

And getting fit by being active in whatever way it suits!

As well as the delicious food Baker’s Delight sent us soft toys, stickers, rulers, colouring in sheets and quizzes (not sure any of us were the winners of those!) Thanks so much Baker’s Delight.

As for the world cup I hope that all New Zealanders – especially those in the service, hospitality and accommodation industries are doing our country proud with their warm, friendly and reasonably priced service.

(It makes me embarrassed to think some are pumping their prices up because they can – what does that say about us as a nation??)

So ‘Go NZ’, that’s all of us – let’s be gracious and generous hosts – just like our little music group experienced on Monday.



What’s Not to Love About Christchurch?

Today I am linking in with Juliet’s post about loving Christchurch and Paisley Jade’s things I am grateful for.

5 years ago we were trying to decide from London where we wanted to live and it came down to Christchurch and Wellington. I still love both these cities and I am SO grateful we managed to get work here in Christchurch (well The Atlas did) my work was about 6 weeks old already!

Whilst our land, buildings and people have taken some serious hits in the last year I am still happy to call this city home.

These are some of the things I love about Christchurch.

1. The people are friendly. Of all the cities I have lived in to date I have found this one to be the friendliest and the one in which I have most quickly made ‘real’ friendships. (I do need to say I have amazing friends from all the other cities we’ve lived in, it just took longer)

2. The libraries – oh SO good. New Brighton library has walls of glass that look over the ocean. Our new local library has a cafe and it’s totally acceptable to eat and read magazines in the library.

photo from virtual tourist

3. The Arts and Festival Scene – admittedly this is not what it was but it will revive. Since February I have been to 2 live theatre performances. The city council is always putting on great festivals – arts, blossom, jazz and blues, buskers, kids….. and they ALWAYS include free elements so everyone can participate.

4. The sewing scene is very alive. Before February we had 9 fabric shops I can think of off the top of my head that were within a 15 minute drive (or closer) of where I lived and I know that isn’t counting them all.

5. The environment – this one was a bit of a decider for The Atlas he could potentially surf and snowboard in one day. I adore looking at the southern alps when they have snow on them – truly captivating.

6. Markets – regular and pop-up style there are great markets all over the place in Chch.

7. Cycliability – although sometimes windy because the city is predominantly flat you can really cycle most places and there are lots of good cycle tracks as well.

8. Cool attractions – again perhaps waiting to get back to full capacity but tram, gondola, ferrymead heritage park, willowbank wildlife reserve, orana park, the antarctic centre, fantastic leisure facilities for so cheap $2.50 for an under 5 to swim and the parent is free????, local parks, Hagley park…

9. Gems hidden in the suburbs – in ours we have The Cupcake Collection, The Reading Bug, A fantastic butcher (with facial lamb chops to match the ones he sells)… and these great finds are other places too – things like The Addington Coffee Co-op, The Painted Room, Creative Junk, Under the Red Verandah, Chinwag Eat Thai, The Copper Chime…..

photo from their facebook page

10. The trees – Christchurch is an old city and you can tell by the magnificent trees that are everywhere. I love that people thought that way – to plant trees we could truly enjoy. I adore that Christchurch has REAL seasons and you can SEE them happening.

11. The churches – there are heaps of great churches doing lots of great stuff in their communities and I think for me that says a lot about the spiritual health of a place.


Okay that has turned into a bit of a novel but I know there are other things I love about Chch. It really is a wonderful, if rather battered, city. Wish you lived here???

Opinionated? Me??

As I have alluded The Atlas is very busy with his involvement in the new Christchurch we are all looking forward too.

People in Christchurch, even prior to the earthquake, have very strong opinions about the city and what the council do.

We are faced with a silver lining in this disaster and it is a chance to have a fresh start. If you are a Christchurch lover who wants to have a voice head over here and say your piece about your thoughts for our new CBD. It’s really cool looking at what other people have said too.

Speak now people!