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Make My Week # 46 – Ah Hoop-la

I first saw this neat embroidery on Cat’s blog here

and when I saw her last month I asked if I could copy it – I kind of free-handed it rather than properly followed because, well you know how I roll :o) (unless you are new in which case I’m not much of a pattern follower)

I have made this for my brand new beautiful niece and seeing as she is unlikely to see or remember this post I thought I’d debut it here.

My niece lives in London so this also has the advantage of being very light to send.

What things do you make that are light to send internationally?

Joining in with creative inspiration at our creative spaces – blue button down on the right.

Did you enter my November giveaway??


Make My Week # 28 Baby Quilt

The Atlas has a work colleague about to leave to have a baby and so I asked if I could make something special. Bless him he even let me show him some stuff I liked on my quilts pinterest page and I have another board of quilt loveliness here too.

The quilt is made from pieces all from my stash and inspired by lots of different pictures I like. It is free motion quilted. I actually hand basted each piece on and then basted the whole thing before I started which took an evening but was well worth it in the long run.

I added the border as an after thought and I love it. I was going to have the Suffolk puff blossoms all over the ground under the tree but the crafters I had over in the planning stage recommended them on the tree and I think it’s a better choice.

I backed it in super soft brushed cotton. I have included a putting it together collage because I quite like the sense of development. I am pretty random in my approach – cut and place and hope for the best.

I’m pretty pleased with the results and I think The Atlas was too.

It always amazes me how irresistible a quilt (even a half-finished one) is to lie on and play on and we don’t even have a cat! The boys just couldn’t keep themselves off it.

I need some inspiration for a winter craft project that I can take on holiday and do by hand – I don’t crochet and my knitting is pretty atrocious…. ideas???

Find more creative inspiration here

Here are some of the things I’ve been making this year.

Make My Week #6 – Softie

Little man turning 1. Present required.

Got inspiration from a softies book on my shelves.

Didn’t use the pattern – which is why the limbs could be described as seriously out of proportion.

First time using one of the awesome tags Juliet made for me.

Used all stash and stuffed with a mixture of polyfill and fabric scraps.

Like the facial expression though.

Other crafty wonders over here.

Make My Week #44 – Baby Dress and Rompers

So I am actually quietly freaked out surely not this many weeks gone already?

Less than 10 weeks until Christmas and less than 3 until some international posting needs to be done! EEK!

This week is my final finish off from KCWC back in May? I think it was May.

This is a little, fully reversible dress for a very gorgeous little lady who is soon to be one. From a McCall’s pattern I borrowed from Deb.

I used Dee’s idea for the reversibility factor after the last one I made where the buttons were super tricky to sew on both sides. I love this fabric.

I can’t believe I have actually managed to get something out every week of this year, so far, for make my week and sometimes more than one thing. I was inspired by Dee’s make my week last year and she has kept it up all this year too – and she is a busy lady!

Make My Week #42 – Baby Play Mat

This is another of those projects that have sat about annoying me with their un-finished-ness.

The little stars are free motion on the sewing machine and the back is a fluffy brushed cotton. The branch the owl is sitting on is also furry – think fake velvet.

Something else for the present box. I also have a new dress to tell you about but I’ll make you wait until Thursday for that!

The Mighty First

The 1st birthday of baby no.1 is very significant.

Not necessarily because it is the parents’ first opportunity to show off their superior party hosting skills (some celebrities spring to mind here!) but because of what they stand for.

1 year of massive change … the magical growth of a small, crying, milk drinking, sleeping, twitchy little person into a smiling, moving, possibly talking, personality filled person.

More than that though that first year with number one is such a huge transition to make – suddenly you are parents. There are sleeps and feeding and spending all your thoughts and money (if you have any left after fitting out the nursery!) on this person other than yourself.

A whole new understanding of selfishness is beaten mercilessly over the head at 3am and 5.30am and many other hours and nappy changes  moments over those 365 days.

Your relationship is stretched and challenged and strengthened.

You worry about crazy things that will probably never happen but just the thought of them is enough to almost suffocate you.

You become a whole other person you never imagined you had in you. No, I don’t agree that when you become a parent you leave your brain at the door and pick up mushy talk and conversations that only revolve around what was in the last nappy (although this may happen occasionally!) But parenting brings out some new skills in you – skills you wish you had more of at various times of the day and night – but skills you do have and have never needed the same way – patience, gentleness, kindness, self-control (ever walk into the side of a table while holding a sleeping baby?)…..

On Saturday we celebrated the 1st birthday of our gorgeous little god-daughter and I was reminded of what a massive, rewarding and tough year it is for the ‘new’ family. Her parents have done an amazing job, and she is, and will continue to be, a gift to all who come in contact with her.

These photos are from the day. The cake I made inspired by a picture on pinterest. And the little dress and rompers I made.

Another dress up party ‘Children’s Character’ we went as Barbie, Teddy, Penguin and Action Man. Some decisions weren’t finalised until we left the house!

If you are a parent what was the most surprising, challenging, wonderful moment in that first year?

Make My Week #35 Shirt to Baby Dress – restyle

It’s all go at our place with renovations and not so much go with creativity!

It was getting to the point this week where I thought I might have to count yesterday’s filming as my ‘make my week’. (Currently filming some short excerpts for a stage play a friend is doing).

Still I have completed this re-style. I cut the shirt down and made some new sleeves. Here is the before shot – inside out.

We needed something for our 9 month old film star. I didn’t get a photo of her in it but she looked adorable.

Pretty simple from an adults shirt and for $2 at the op-shop a pretty good deal I think too.

Make My Week #29 Baby Cushion

We have a new and much-anticipated member in our extended family.

Inspired by my friend Johanna I made this little cushion to welcome her.

I hope it is well-loved.

Make My Week #24 Lazy Lion

OK so sometimes this feels like the only post I am reliable at doing!

Does it seem weird to anyone else that we are at week 24 already? Like 2 more weeks until halfway point! I have to say managed to have a pretty ‘adventurous’ year here so far – hoping for a calm, healthy, steady last 6 months to 2011.

This is a soft toy I was commissioned to make a while ago but I couldn’t show it until I knew it had reached its final destination.

It’s ‘reversible’. Awake on one side.

Asleep on the other.

I’m quite keen on this lion actually. He posed some difficulties, which is want to happen when you don’t use a pattern and don’t have the best ‘spatial awareness’!

I hope his soon to be born little owner has many a happy time drooling on him – I think the tail looks quite chewable.

Make My Week #21 Baby Mat/Quilt

This is my first ‘whole cloth/ applique’ style quilt.

I made it for my sister’s 30th birthday. In the hopes I will have niece or nephew one day to play on it.

I used a thicker batting than I normally would.

The tree trunk and branches are hand sewn and then free-motion embroidered with the sewing machine. The sun/moon has hand stitching around it as does the tree.

I’ve called it ‘A Bird Called Hope’. It was a good way for me to start. I’d like to do some more picture quilts.