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Button Shop

Have you entered the book giveaway? It closes on Friday. Don’t miss out.

Today master 4 and I played ‘Button Shop’.

We laid out all the special buttons and they were the shop then we used some of the boring buttons for money.

The Shop

We had such fun buying and describing the buttons we wanted.

Lovely Buttons

It was sweet time for us together playing while Master 1 had a sleep.

I have also completed Challenge 53 –  a photo to a special aunty far away who needs to know we think of her often.

Heart Buttons

Tonight I HAVE to finish a project for another wonderful friend and then I can get some serious posting done tomorrow.

Today I got my new recipe book in the post – loving Sophie (as I do) I’m sure this will be a winner.


Also this week I have lots of sweet treats to make for a special family celebration on the weekend. I’m always thrilled when I get the calorie section of the catering to work on. So much fun. I’m not going to write the list of what I’m making or I’ll probably get told to scale it back. I’ll just keep you informed as I make – too late then!

75/100 complete


Day 120 & 121

34/100 complete 

Master 3 Masterpiece

Today we made ‘Welcome Home Daddy’ biscuits. Daddy has been away for a week and he has been MISSED! Still he is back and he brought us presents! 

Welcome Home Daddy!

Mine is a designer ring made from a parking sign that caused the artist fines, despite the fact it couldn’t be seen. After contesting his ticket and not winning he made jewelry from the sign. I love it. It is a good thing to have a husband with good taste! 

My New Ring


The ring is huge. A conversation piece as all good rings are. 

Lovely, Lovely!

As well as this I had a wonderful surprise in the mail yesterday. GORGEOUS quilting fabric from London’s V&A museum. My darling friend Debbie (think the Cath Kidston fabric from earlier in the year) sent it to me. The fabric is a design based on a coverlet from 1840. Such a treat. 

My New Fabric


We purchased some stuffing the other day at the fabric shop and Master 3 selected these buttons to add to our collection. 

More Buttons


I have also sewed together my first giraffe using the fabric from my Great Aunt. I made up the pattern and I am pleased with the final result. I quite like his attitude. I might get a horse done tonight too in between chatting to lovely husband. 

My Giraffe

After this week I have to say – maximum respect – to all solo parents out there. I learnt a lot about my character weaknesses this week. Still we are here and happy and very glad to have our wonderful No.1 man home. 

Fabric Detail

Day 78 & 79

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 22/100 complete.

Today is a celebration of things pretty – fabric and buttons.

What's Not to Love?

I have decided, with a little guidance, to collect buttons. Challenge 45 required me to start collecting something I loved. I have something of a skill for the accumulation of things and whilst there was competition from cake stands and little jugs I have settled on buttons. The lovely thing about buttons is I can use them on things as well. I started the official collection by purchasing 2 wooden buttons featuring maple leaves.

The First Official Button

I’ll still have open arms for cake stands and jugs but right now ‘I collect buttons!’ Just like that.

Beautiful, Beautiful

Yesterday I made the ‘Seared Beef with Mustard Crust’ which was a little seared and not quite brown enough for this mama and her family so it got a little extra cooking – sorry Sophie! It was a lovely meal though and in attendance some special family members – always a treat to eat with others and something we don’t do enough.

I also made another batch of homemade ice-cream and the ‘Ganache’ which we used, and shared, as a chocolate fondue with bananas and marshmallows. Delicious!

And just in case you need a little more button loving…

My quote of the week comes from Master 3 who was eating homemade yoghurt the other day and said ‘It makes me smile in my mouth’. I think he’s growing up for a career in food writing!

Tonight I am seriously committed to making some real inroads on the charity quilt – it must be done!