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Make My Week #16 – Patching

I just finished another patchwork/ faux quilt using ‘granny’ sheets.

This time I added a pop of pink. It’s very similar to the one I have created to giveaway for the ‘Unfolding Hope’ fundraiser.


Hand quilted together just on the pink squares.

*** actually there are some exciting new developments on the prizes front *** make sure you donate and follow us on FB details in this post.


I’m not sure who this one will be for but maybe I’ll let the winner of the original one decide

What makings are happening at your place this holidays?


Make My Week #12 – Patchwork

Last year I learnt the ‘stack and slash’ method of quilting.

I have finally applied it again! This top was made entirely from vintage sheets in my stash and is backed with super soft 100% brushed cotton.

I also hand quilted some of the pieces so the layers stayed together.

I love the softness of all the blues side by side. This has been made as a raffle piece for a very special cause you’ll be hearing more about at the beginning of April.

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Make My Week # 38 Another Quilt

Ages ago I went to a ‘stack and slash’ quilting class at Stitch down the road.

At my friend Kyleigh’s suggestion I decided to sash in between each square instead of sewing them together.

I am pleased with the result. I just kept it simple and hand quilted it.

Apart from the sashing it is made entirely from vintage sheets front and back.

It really surprised me how the ‘loud’ sheets changed and became quite soft and grandmotherly as they sat side by side in this arrangement.

Who Are These People??

A while ago in the bus shelters they had lotto ads which basically said ‘if I won this Saturday I would…’ and a range of people doing all the kinds of things people might if they won lotto.

At the time I thought if someone asked me that question I’d say ‘I’d become a philanthropist’… How awesome would it be if your ‘job’ was supporting people, spreading love, surprising people with generosity.

Well I have to say I’ve been having my share.

Last year I came into contact with Cat who has been working to get quilts to Christchurch families since September last year. Because of her  and Sarah‘s efforts I was given the joy of distributing gifts to the mama’s and children at my music group.

Since that initial contact I have been also charged with the great honour of distributing quilts, scarves and hats from around the world to some families and individuals down here who are feeling traumatized and cold. Meeting Cat and being in contact with Jan (who seems to spend her entire life making and receiving quilts and sending them or giving them to people in need) has been an absolutely humbling experience for me.

In a mass-produced, time-poor world the act of making a quilt and sending it to a stranger who may never know you or thank you personally, for me, is by definition true love – love that gives without a hope of return.

To every person who has sewn a stitch, knitted a row, contributed to post (very costly) may your love be returned to you 100 fold.

Thanks for making my ‘lotto dream’ a reality.

The Bible describes love in this way and I think so many of its characteristics are exhibited by these women.  

If I speak in the tongues of men and angels but do not love I am nothing…

Love is kind and patient,

   never jealous, boastful,

   proud, or rude.

   Love isn’t selfish

   or quick-tempered.

   It doesn’t keep a record

   of wrongs that others do.

    Love rejoices in the truth,

   but not in evil.

    Love is always supportive,

   loyal, hopeful,

   and trusting.

    Love never fails!

Make My Week #31 – Doll Quilts

Flip and Bounce had a combined 3 and 5-year-old birthday party yesterday for 2 very cute little ladies.

So using the stack and slash method of quilting I made 4 doll’s blankets and 4 little pillows (Flip and Bounce scored the practice versions!)

I used their teddies to do the modelling for me.

I’ll try to do a tutorial for the stack and slash quilting method (it is so easy) that I used for this. The colour combos are a bit Random but Flip wanted me to use the ‘soft, warm material’ so we made them out of wincy.

Make My Week # 30 – Boy’s Quilt

Well I’ve finally completed Flip’s quilt as a kind of match to the quilt I made for Bounce last year.

Using the lovely Cath Kidston fabric my friend Debbie sent me from the UK.

This is the first quilt where I have also made the back a little bit interesting too.

I made the squares first and Flip helped me count the pieces.

I’m really pleased with the final result. I machine quilted the border sections.

What a Way To…

 – Spend a Saturday

 – use some vintage sheets

 – have a nice day with a friend

– meet new crafters

take your pick! Today I had a great time at Stitch (gorgeous fabric shop and they run classes) learning the ‘stack and slash’ method of quilting.

Kyleigh and I went together.

It was AWESOME – we achieved so much in one day.

I have a new method of quilting!!! You will see it again.

We completed 9 blocks and Kyleigh even got hers connected.

I’m playing around with different layouts at the moment.

Thanks Stitch for a great class.

Make My Week #21 Baby Mat/Quilt

This is my first ‘whole cloth/ applique’ style quilt.

I made it for my sister’s 30th birthday. In the hopes I will have niece or nephew one day to play on it.

I used a thicker batting than I normally would.

The tree trunk and branches are hand sewn and then free-motion embroidered with the sewing machine. The sun/moon has hand stitching around it as does the tree.

I’ve called it ‘A Bird Called Hope’. It was a good way for me to start. I’d like to do some more picture quilts.

Make My Week #15 Stash Quilt

I finished the top of this quilt that I had up as a tutorial recently.

Usually I machine quilt the pieces together using free-motion stitching in big strips. Then I sew the back sections together by hand. (BTW I realise this pretty much makes no sense if you’re not a quilty type)

This is my first hand-quilted quilt. I quilted all the layers together by hand using embroidery thread.

Then I bound it.

One of the things that makes me most happy about this quilt is I made it ENTIRELY from stuff I already have. The back is calico I got from a throw-out of Deb’s fabric stash (via Kyleigh – thanks ladies!)

The top is a mix of vintage sheets I tend to purchase, fabric of my Nana’s, my Grandmothers and some other inherited bits. I’ve also used some fabric left over from other projects.

The batting inside the quilt is all offcuts from other projects. I finished off a couple of reels of thread during the stitching as well.

All serves to make me feel very good about making roads into the stash. Although I have realised I have to push through my ‘saving’ attitude to finish things up. I chatted with my sister one day and she was saying how happy she feels when she finishes something – like a stationery set, paints, etc. I am the opposite – which is why I always lose scrabble and have 3 blanks on my board at the end of the game!

Hence my challenge to myself to stop ‘saving things for later/best/when I really need them’ and get on with enjoying them and not accumulating too much.

I like the colours in this quilt.

I have what I call sewing fingers now though. My thumb and index finger feel sort of bruised from all the pushing the needle  in and out.

What have you been making? Dee will have made something cool at her place – no doubt!

Super Easy Quilt Top Tutorial for Debbie

This is for you Debbie. I hope this gets you started.

This is something I’ve just started to work my way through some favourite fabrics.

It’s a good one for someone who wants to start but is too scared.

My amazing friend Debbie in London asked me for a simple quilt tutorial and whilst I am neither an expert at quilting or tutorials I wanted to say yes.

This is a quilt in progress. It works like this.

First cut out a square of some fabric you love. Mine is 6″ (that’s shorthand for inches – I hope)

The First Few Strips

Then cut a selection of 3″ strips.

Sew a strip to the edge of the square.

Turn the square around and sew a strip onto the edge of the square and the end of the strip.

Continue until you have a ‘frame’ around the square. Now use the next fabric.

I am going to keep going with this until I have a huge square to cover a double bed. You could stop at any point.

My Progress So Far

I have used 1cm seam allowances – I know I am mixing my metrics and imperials that’s one reason I’m not a good example! Real quilters use a smaller seam allowance but I find it doesn’t leave any margin for error or fabrics that aren’t lined up perfectly.

As the quilt starts to get larger your fabric strips might not be long enough to reach the whole length of an edge. Just sew them together and keep going. Cut your fabric across the longest way to help with this. Also with cotton it is more accurate to make a small snip and then rip – it makes it straighter.

When I have this part done I’ll give you a couple of options for the backing/quilting bit. Do let me know if you are inspired or make something yourself.