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Make My Week #51 – Face Cushions

These will be under the tree for my 2 favourite boys.

My concept was to make silhouettes (am I the only one who finds it impossible to spell that word??) of my boys faces with the things that they love surrounding them – kind of like what is inside their heads is now outside and around. One for my number lover and one for my vehicle lover.


I think they will love them – super easy to make I might do a tutorial if anyone is interested.

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Make My Week #50 – My Birthday Suit!

I’m counting this as my December dress even though technically I made it before December.

This is what I wore to my birthday. I invited some of the gorgeous women in my life over. What better way to celebrate a birthday than to celebrate the women that make my life such a pleasure. I made high tea, of sorts, and we all sat and word bombed each other.

I made this pattern from a vintage pattern – one from the early sixties and there are no pattern markings on the tissue. So you need to read the instructions to know these 3 holes mean on the fold or this marking means grainline etc. The original didn’t have the puffy over skirt but I felt the fabric called for it.

I made the under garment in calico and the over part is a net curtain I picked up at a church fair for $3. I love the wee raised daisies and the subtle lemony colour. 2 people stopped me in the supermarket to comment on it so I consider that a success!!

I wore it with my self-made necklace, self-made earrings, thrifted beads and shoes from Melbourne. One of the mums from schools aid to me ‘you look very dressed up’ and I aid yeah but I bet my whole outfit is much cheaper than yours. Dress – pattern free, calico $15, net $3. Shoes $20. Necklace about $20 because I did it in a class, earrings – free, beads – 50c Total Outfit= $58.50 (I’m thriftier than Gok!)

Did you enter my giveaway? I keep adding wee things to it. :o)

So this year I challenged myself to make a new piece of clothing each month – here is a breakdown of the clothes I have made this year.

There were a couple of months I seemed to forget but other months I did a few extra so currently it stands at 16 makes and I do have at least 2 more I hope to make in the next 2 weeks!!

I’d love to know your favourite.

I’ve so enjoyed making something a piece of clothing each month – it’s got me thinking about challenges for next year! (and how much I pose with my hands on my hips!!)

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Make My Week #48 – Advent Calendars

This year I wanted to make the boys an advent calendar to store the special advent activities we have planned, which are a surprise to them.

This coming weekend we are also having a special early celebrations with some other families and each family brings a $10 gift for another family. So I made a second version as our gift.

The trees are made from felt with gold thread couched onto them (my first attempt at couching) and 24 buttons sewn on. I made our one first out of the lighter coloured felt and a random selection of buttons but I like my second effort better!

Then I made 24 little felt Xs with holes in the middle of them so each day a little decoration is added to the tree.

For the other family I added chocolates to each mesh pocket. Ours have numbered cards with the activity written on the other side of the number.

They are a bit random but I rather like them and I think the boys will like it.

On Tuesday I’ll go through some of our advent activities but if you want a list to do something similar leave a comment and I’ll email you our list.


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How’s your Christmas making coming along??

Make My Week #45 – The November Dress

So… I challenged myself to make a piece of clothing each month this year and this is the latest.

I made this from a 1950s reproduction Vogue Pattern that I had made once about 10 years ago.

This version looks so different but I guess that is the joy of how fabric can alter the entire look of a garment.

These photos were taken by the lovely Nin and feature the delightful Juliet. We were at the opening of The Make Cafe – a very exciting cafe which includes a fabric shop, classes and sewing machines you can hire by the hour in store.

I call it my road cone orange dress. Course it will mean I don’t need to wear high vis when I bike the boys to school!

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Make My Week #44 – More Little Houses

These are the latest in my little houses thing.

The larger one was for my sister’s birthday and the other is just a play to see how it looks when  the colours are reversed.

I’m quite pleased with these.

Happy November!

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Make My Week #43 – New Look 6000

I bought this pattern a while ago because I loved the pleated part so much but it takes a heap of fabric and I haven’t quite managed to get around to that view.

But the other day I picked up some fabric reduced to $6m and with another 30% off and so for $7.40 or something crazy I bought this cotton drill and made the plain version with the short sleeves. I love this fabric so much. It’s very William Morris I think.

Often when I am sewing I lengthen the hem only to find I have way too much length at the end so this time I cut it exactly and oh me, I literally overlocked and turned. This pattern is short!

The sleeves have a cute pleat detail on top (that is very hard to self-photograph!!) and I used an exposed zip. I quite like using hard looking exposed zips on super feminine clothes just to give them some spunk. (The Atlas told me I had spunk – personality wise – last night! He is so awesome.)

I graded the pattern from a 12 in the body to a 14 at the top to make some room for my ‘Taranaki Shoulders’.

This is the second dress I have made this month – the other one is here. I’m wearing the dress with the camper boots The Atlas bought me when we were in Milan before we had kids and a mortgage!

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There are lots of people who have made this New Look 6000 pattern google it for more incarnations.

Make My Week #42 and October Giveaway

Okay so remember I promised a giveaway every month this year? – you forgot? Well, never fear I absolutely did not!

Anyway first things first is this weeks creation – a while ago I saw this gorgeous embroidery on pinterest and so last week I sprung from there and made myself a rather much larger version with smaller houses…. weird huh?

Here is the original:

Source: via Miriam on Pinterest

Here is mine:

I just freestyled it – looked at the picture once and then went for it with no clear plan. I am very pleased with the results though.

I love this. And if you look very closely you’ll see there are some little lighted windows along the street.This was inspired from these bible verses – (I also happen to like the song this little light of mine more than most).

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

However since I’ve made it I also am reminded of the following lines

I seen the little light‘ from Catherine Mansfield’s short story The Dolls House

and also ‘some windows are lighted but mostly they’re dark‘ from Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss.

I’d like to try one on black fabric with white stitching next. Does anyone else have a thing for houses? I love little houses. The fabric in my header appealed for that very reason.

Anyway on to the giveaway….this month you get to choose between the cameo ring, the cameo brooch or a wee pencil brooch. All made by me and I’ll either send you the original or make a new one for you.

Leave me a comment and let me know which you would pick. Or just leave a nice comment about my wee houses and say if you’re not entering – I won’t be offended.

Open internationally – let’s share the love people. Closing at the end of the month or when I tire of reminding people to enter. (I’m a little unpredictable like that!!)

because I might be flying away to a romantic rendezvous with The Atlas today I won’t be responding to comments until next week but don’t let that stop you ….

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Make My Week #40 – October Dress

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to make myself a piece of clothing every month this year.

Recently I had my sister over to go through my fabric stash and help me out with re-visiting fabrics (another goal this year was to buy less fabric and use the stuff I actually have!).

So I have, finally, whipped up this very, very simple dress. Literally 2 pieces of fabric and some bias binding from the stash and the dress is done.

I love this fabric it is super stretchy and quite heavy. I bought the fabric for $4.99 from an op shop about 3 years ago. There was loads of it I still have a least half a metre left.

Another perfect summer dress for the days where the shaving regimen has gone out the window (happens to me anyway!).


I made this dress from start to finish in about 1.5 hours – I can’t believe it’s taken 3 years to get around to it.

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Make My Week #39 – Spring Dress and Easy Muesli

I debuted this dress yesterday at Wardrobe Wednesday. I made it on Sunday afternoon/evening after my sister inspired me by suggesting a maxi.

I often respond emotionally to fabric and this is one of those purchases. These colours are ones I can’t seem to go past – blues, greens and some purple – ahhhhh. It actually has white, yellow and brown in it too which I hadn’t really realised.

The fabric is one of those awful types that always stuffs up the stretch on my machine and makes all the stitches skip. So as an experiment I decided to keep a sharp needle on rather than changing to a stretch needle which has a blunt point. Completely successful.

I had totally lost my way with this fabric I couldn’t think of what to do with it. Naomi came up with the maxi idea and pushed me away from a navy sash towards the yellow to pull out the yellow in the fabric. I like the way I can tie it front or back.

I got rather a lot of comments on it – I always find people comment a lot on colour when I wear it, maybe it’s because us kiwi’s wear a lot of black or maybe it’s just the shining sun that makes people more likely to enjoy colour and give others encouragement.

I can see this dress is going to get a heap of wear it is super stretchy and comfy, it is a good hairy-leg cover-up option for summer and the colours make me smile!

I also made another batch of super simple muesli. This is a family recipe and it is so easy and quick. I promised a recipe if someone asked and lovely Bec did.

5-6 c rolled oats

2 cups bran

2 cups wheat germ (wheat germ is the best – we used to have it on our porridge as kids)

I also add 1 cup of coconut as well – let’s call that optional

1 cup liquid honey (or heat your normal honey in the microwave to soften it like I did)

1 cup skim milk (or whatever you have – I’m sure non dairy would work too if you roll that way)

mix it all together in a roasting dish – I find a wooden spoon and hands successful – and bake at 150 degrees C for about 40 mins. (adjust according to your crunch preference!)

If you want a nice even toast, mix it a bit during baking time. If you are lazy like me you will have a toastier top.

Add in any fruit or nut combinations you like and enjoy. Sweet but not sickly so and no oil/fat or processed sugar as well as being a complete doddle to make. My boys love it.

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Make My Week #38 – Rest

It’s a friend’s birthday this week and like most people I know she is a busy, self-sacrificing, wonderful woman.

So I made her a rice heat pack with a zip off cover even! – apologies to those who find the use of food offensive in crafting – and an eye mask.

She is a dog and animal lover so I thought this fun fabric was perfect.

The eye mask came from an idea and tutorial on Amelie and Atticus (a blog I read) – note my awesome cutting skills that means the dog has no head – yeah I marvel at my talent sometimes too!

I have infused both with some lavender and lemon essential oils – restful and reviving – hopefully they don’t cause confusion!

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I’ve also made some yummy and easy muesli this week – let me know if you’d be keen for a recipe post.

Both the rice heat pack and the  eye mask are very easy first-timer projects if you are someone who is keen to start sewing.