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Make My Week #4 – Lounge Chair Re-Cover

Okay without sounding too vain I think this might be the awesome-est thing I have made. It could even be the awesomest lounge chair ever… that’s how much I love it.

I re-covered this year in 2010 (my first year of blogging) and although  I liked it at the time it never really worked. Here is the results first time.

Here it is in progress.

Last year I was inspired by some über expensive patch-work couches I saw in magazines and a friend even pulled one out to give me when she saw one. It was meant to be.

I tried really hard to get a smooth tight finish and use fabrics that had a bit of weight (one of my mistakes from last time).

I LOVE this chair. And it’s all stash apart from the faux-suede/leather back part.

Total cost about $6 for the floral suede/leather/pleather plus some money for staples, glue gun and thread.

Other cool creative types doing inspiring things over here. Wait til a bit later in the day when the new link is up and there are some things to see. My post always goes up a bit earlier than the link.


Make My Week #37 – Dining Chair

Here is the 4th chair in our collection – there will be some more to come in time.

I love this way of changing an ordinary (and worn out) dining chair and making it into something totally unique.

We are back home – HOORAY! Our 2 week renovation ended up being a month away from home.

We are nearly finished now and when I have the baking tins full, stuff unpacked, the rooms tidy and some art up on the walls I’ll be giving y’all a tour! (It might be a while!)

Day 16

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 3/100 complete.

Today I prepared to cross off the next challenge by making bubble mix. Also ala Sophie but from her second book. The good thing was it made lots so master 3, master 1 and ‘Henry’ (a sock) enjoyed playing with the bubbles.

Tonight was ‘Devilled Meatballs’ p25 . I am not actually sure what ‘devilling’ is in the food world but these were very good. We called in some back up for eating as the recipe served 6-8. They were very good. The most difficult part of the recipe was rolling the bite sized meatballs as the mixture seemed to go on and on. I’ll definitely make these again. Morish and in a nice sauce they were a nice meal to have on a day that is anything but summery.

Also included the new lounge chair – yay! It was much tricker than the couch but I am well pleased with the result and I love the aesthetic. It’s a bit country I guess but also quirky and happy in a school uniform-ish kind of way. Before and after shots included. I think you’ll agree the after is an improvement. Also I have enough fabric left to craft a new project for a ‘Princess Party’ master 3 is invited to next weekend.

Chair - before

The New Chair


Now it’s time for a relax with a DVD and my favourite man. There’s something lovely about a cold night, well covered chairs and snuggling under quilts that makes this mama happy!

Day 8

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 challenges. 2/100 complete.

It’s been a foodie day here again. Mainly because I was completing 3 recipes for tonight’s meal. Frugal Flour Tortillas p22 , Mexican Seasoning p91 and Refried Beans p33 . I feel well impressed with making the seasoning – although it’s just measure and process it’s the fact it’s home-made. I won’t be buying those kits again! The re-fried beans were also a hit. They aren’t attractive looking. In fact they look like some sort of terrible paste – happily they taste great and adults and small people all consumed with enjoyment AND there are leftover tortillas for tomorrow lunch. Thanks Sophie!

The beans are a new attempt for me and one needs to be organised with the overnight soaking and 2-3 hour cooking time. Still we had fun finding the beans to buy, splitting the bag and weighing the produce – food can be about so much more than cooking and eating!

WE HAVE FINISHED THE COUCH!!! Joy and excitement! It meant a late night last night but with some careful work and the trusty staple gun tonight all is done. A new couch and a another challenge crossed off. Challenge 5 – re-design a piece of furniture. I am of course aware that I need to be averaging 2 challenges a week to make my Dec31st deadline and some will be ongoing.

So here is the great reveal – and from all angles too because usually the back would look like an accident in a fabric factory. For me this is perfect finishing. Husband thought maybe I should do the other lounge chairs too but variety is the spice of life and I hear other challenges calling. Unfortunately all that is calling me now is a messy kitchen so I away to tidy, SO un-creative!

Enjoy the couch!

Day 6

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge – 1 year, 100 challenges. 1/100 complete

The ‘Home Burgers’ were a huge hit. No photo because, well they were no work of art let me assure you! However for ease of making, reception and speed they score top marks. Tonight it’s a potato and rosemary dish to accompany the chook that is currently in the slow cooker.

Most exciting news for the day is the 10m of denim purchased to cover our couch. I am very excited by this. Said denim is currently flapping happily on our washing line. Call me sad but I LOVE our washing line. Old-school, study and big. What’s not to love. Washing lines should not be judged on appearances. Particularly if you have small children and use cloth nappies!

Master 3 and I have spent a happy afternoon making thank you cards for our Christmas presents but as he got into the swing of it he also decided who the cards would be for. Needless to say I need to purchase some more card. These cards (bought in a 6 pack with matching envelopes – colour picked by master 3) have dipped and food colouring dyed handy towels glued to the front. The dyed paper was done on another well organised day! Then Master 3 has decorated them with googly eyes and marker pen. A pleasing effect I think.

Photo below features his favourite, aptly named ‘The Party Card’.

Also exciting me today is the lend of ‘Dreaming of Dior’ book about a woman who received 3000 vintage dresses. The stories and illustrations – mmm luscious!

Happy day to you.

Day 5

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 1/100 complete.

So I have discovered today that the quick breads from day 2 freeze very well and are nice to eat re-heated. A happy find! Today was Junior Jellies day p42. My first proper experience with gelatine I might add! Used pineapple juice and puree so I won’t be eating them. (Not a pineapple fan unless it’s pineapple lumps but that probably doesn’t count.) Master 3 thoroughly enjoyed his one for lunch. Master 1 hasn’t had a turn yet but he has had 2 cupcakes so those have his tick of approval (and mine).

Last night I also made some progress on one of our dining chairs. These are old family chairs that I have been too scared to do anything so I have lived with them in this appalling state instead. But times have changed and I have thrown caution to the wind. Armed with an old curtain I purchased for $2 and a trusty staple gun, pair of pliers and a claw thing that came from husbands garage I have un-upholstered and recovered the chair. It’s what could be described as ‘rustic’ in terms of its finish but I like it. It’s also a lot better than holes with stuffing coming out every where. I just have to decide if this counts for challenge 5 – get an old piece of furniture and re-design it.

Tonight I have had to shuffle the menu tonight because of a partly de-frosted chook. So Home Burgers p 17 it is. Will update on their success tomorrow.

Meanwhile I will be trying to get on to the present making wagon. Any inspiration appreciated. Oh and mama #2 (the challenge instigator will be online soon so I’ll link in to her – if I ever figure out how!).

Happy sunshine day to you.