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I Saw It Here

I love trying new recipes – sweet ones in particular.

On Tuesday night I had a dessert evening at my place and on Wednesday an office shout to do as a favour.

I’m never sure what the rules are for publishing recipes on-line that you got from a book but I got three of mine online.

Licorice Truffles – mmmmm dipped in white or dark or milk chocolate. Found here at domestic princess Paisley Jade.

Mini Baked Oreo Cheesecakes another one found at PJ’s place. (Check out her recipe tab for all sorts of great recipes)

And from Little Poppa a simple homemade icecream which I have made Lemon Curd (Sophie Gray’s) and folded through.

To go with these I have made Dark Chocolate and Cream Cheese Brownies a variation on an SG recipe.

Gooey Lemon Slice from the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook

and Coconut and Pineapple Cupcakes also from there.

Add to that a few dried apricots dipped in chocolate and you have a pretty good dessert evening and office shout I think.

What’s your favourite impressive dessert/baking recipe? Don’t forget to enter my giveaway – there is a link on Friday’s post.


Let Me Entertain You

This morning I had a catch-up with some newish and new friends.

As I left I contemplated how it might have been for them… you know us extrovert, take-over-the-conversation types sometimes do pause and think about how and if other people did get a chance to contribute to the conversation.

It’s not that I’m not fascinated by what other people have to say. In fact I often wish I knew more about other people. Sometimes I imagine myself that person who always asks the questions and nods meaningfully making you feel as if you are the only person in the room. In reality I sometimes get distracted mid-conversation because I am listening in to someone elses conversation nearby.

Wouldn’t you know it – you finally get a chance to say something after I have talked the WHOLE time and now I haven’t even listened fully.

Sometimes I even give myself a wee pep talk on the way to meet people – lots of listening, lots of questions etc,.. Turns out I’m not even that great at listening to myself.

People do laugh – I think it’s genuine rather than the ‘if we laugh maybe she’ll finally shut her yapper!’ kind of laugh.

So entertaining or annoying – I do wonder when I meet new friends. The old ones don’t worry me so much I figure they know what I’m like and they’ve stuck around so either they thinking I am truly the entertaining wonderland I think I am or they’ve decided my other awesome qualities make it worth putting up with the constant prattling.

And then there’s the question ‘Did I share too much?’ but that’s a whole other post….

These photos come from a delightful book we got out of the library recently Pocket Full of Posies by Sally Mavor – so sweet and delightful and inspiring. I think perhaps I should learn that owl poem off by heart….might help me out!

As the bible says ‘everyone should be quick to listen and slow to speak’…. I guess God hasn’t finished his work here yet.

So what lesson are you still trying to learn?

Penguin Party

In our house 5 is the first ‘party, party’ birthday where friends can come.

Flip chose a Penguin Party because he loves penguins.

For ease of making I went with a cake of penguin cupcakes.

The food was a DIY affair with Arctic waters (blue and green jelly) surrounding an Iceberg (vanilla ice-cream) topped with penguins (from the penguin waffle maker). Then the penguin party-goers could decorate it with other toppings.

We played blu-tac the beak on the penguin.

Penguin waddle.

Penguin fishing – The Atlas invented this one – the ‘penguin’ has 10 secs to catch as many fish as possible from the icy ‘sea’.


and penguin chalk drawings and face painting.

Oh and some pass the parcel because really what is a party without pass the parcel?

For prizes we had chocolate fish.

I think I get 10 points for no fuss, low-cost party..Don’t you think?

First time working with fondant icing too. Couldn’t have done it without 2 Aunties and Ma.

‘If I Speak In the Tongues of Men and Angels…

But have not love I am nothing’. 1 Corinthians 13

On the Table

Tonight (actually last night but I ran out of time to post!) we’re having our first couples dinner of the year and we’re going with a Valentines theme. Have to say I’ve always thought Valentines Day was a bit cheesy but then I read Julia Child’s book and I thought what a lovely chance to celebrate love – which is all too easy to be crowded out when you have small children and busy lives.

As the hosts I have free reign to decorate – which makes me happy!


I love the sense of occasion that can be brought to a simple gathering with a very little bit of thought.

There are going to be 8 of us tonight and I have had everyone send me secretly 3 things they love about their partner. Which they will find at their place setting. The Atlas wrote on mine – Gifted, Exuberant Love and Incredible. (Go me!)

Place Setting for The Atlas

There are chocolate heart-shaped biscuits dipped in chocolate.

I have made some chocolate hearts.

The wreath for the front door is made.

Hearts have been starched to the hall wall.

In the Entranceway

Candles will be lit and compliments exchanged on arrival.

Taking a Moment Together

Everyone will take an envelope when they arrive and at some point in the evening they have to open the envelope and answer the question inside it and toast their partner. (Thanks to the loved up N & A who helped with the ideas!) The questions are written on playing cards from the hearts.

Question Cards

Tiny hearts with love snippets are going on the table.

The Table

We are going French and having savoury and sweet fondue.

Love is not a cheesy thing to be cynical about. Love is very cool and totally life changing.

Table Detail

P.S – We had a fantastic night. The toasts were great and very enlightening and there was a lot of laughter as well.