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Progress #2

Hardly the most inspired title! But I am hoping to join in with Cate each week as we all try to share our successes and motivate each other to stay on track with our resolutions.


On Monday night we delivered our first family meal for the month of January. Flip helped me make the nachos and the muesli slice.

In terms of monthly goals then I can tick off 2/4 the meal and the book with the cake and the random act of kindness to go. I actually need to think of some, relatively simple!, things I can do for this.

I’ve made more bread and continued to remember to add or substitute browns for whites in my baking and cooking.

I have the ingredients for making tooth powder (toothpaste in powder form) and I’m going to whip up some moisturizer too all ala Wendyl’s book.

Very Wet

We also went green and walked, in the rain, to the shops to get some couscous the other day. It was very light drizzle when we started out on our bikes (I was walking) but by the time we got home Bounce was crying ‘rain, rain, go in the car’…oops. We changed into pjs and had toasted buns when we got home.

We Got Wet!

So 2 weeks in – have you made any resolutions or goals? Are you feeling motivated? I hope by making this a little habit now I’ll still be going strong in the dark, cold winter days of July.

Go In Car!

Feel free to pop over to Cate’s blog and see what other people are up to. Bloggers love nosey people!

Edited to say – this was a pre-scheduled post. We have a bit of stuff going on just now in the extended family and our thoughts and prayers are actually elsewhere today. Also my love and prayers to all those so effected by the flooding in Queensland.