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B.M.W.B #52 – Getting Uncomfortable

Wow! I can’t believe 52 Becoming The Mama I Want to Be posts – of all the things I’ve done this year this has been the best one, the most significant and in many ways the easiest. It’s actually rather easy to enjoy special time with my boys.

This week we got up with the boys (6.30am!!!!) and watched a Christmas movie together. Our boys go to bed really early so a movie after tea is not an option. So instead I got uncomfortable – I hauled myself out of bed when I could have slept in (hello holidays!) and instead of them watching it alone we watched together and then afterwards we talked about what we liked and what made us laugh.

I acted excited to get out of bed when they came in all excited and shiny eyed in the morning…. and actually I enjoyed myself! Sometimes for me the barrier is my own laziness and when I get over this I am always the better for it.

Being together on a special occasion creates such a sense of team and love. It’s never a waste of time. Never.( I didn’t take photos you really don’t need to see me at this time of the day!)

I have so enjoyed this series this year and you have no idea how much your encouragement has meant to me. I have such a passion for people and families to love and enjoy each other and the thought that someone else might find this space helps/encourages them to do the same gives me such joy.

In 2013 I will continue this series on a Monday – including a linky so that you can help me to encourage, be encouraged and resource each other. I would love to have your input too.

And I have made a button – cue huge gasp! With help and direction and here it is :o)


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I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

 Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.


Just Checking

Favourite thins this week was the following conversation

Me: Have you had enough water to drink today?

 Bounce: I’ll just go and check (goes to the toilet for a pee)

 Bounce: No I haven’t (because the wee wasn’t clear)

 He then has some water and races back to the toilet to check, but finds he’s all out of wees

 Bounce: I didn’t think there was any left

I think 4-year-old boys are rad.

They have also discovered the delights of sprinkler running and hose chasing over the last few days.

There is always so much to be grateful for but this week I am grateful that it is holiday time and I have my 3 favourite boys home to enjoy the festive season with.

Joining in with the ever grateful and interesting Meghan

friday classics

fish language – on the way to school this week I heard Flip telling Bounce he could speak fish language. Bounce said he could too but Flip said ‘no you can’t but I can introduce you to the fish and then when they know you, you will be able to speak their language’.

4-year-old knowing and wonder – we had a beautiful Christmas celebration with some other families this week and Santa came with gifts for each family. Bounce informed me seriously and quietly that ‘Santa was actually Sam’s Dad’. Then the next morning when the Wise Men had moved from the bathroom to the top of the fish tank he said to The Atlas – ‘How could the Wise Men have made it over there? They must have climbed down and crossed the kitchen under the table, climbed the draws and heaved (don’t you love 4-year-old words!) themselves onto the fish tank. It’s amazing.’



 I love the look of wonder on the children’s faces when Santa arrived even though they ‘knew’ who he was. They are at this beautiful place of fully entering in to the magic even if they know the truth.


We received all the pieces to make a gingerbread house – Whoop!!


There is actually heaps to love this week and so much of it is about the boys so I might just do another post about them over the weekend. I am so enjoying this Advent season.

Head over to Meghan’s the home of taking time to be grateful each week. 

B.M.W.B # 48 – Building Traditions

This year for the first time I feel really excited by Advent (rather than swamped by good intentions and no time to execute them!). I think the boys are at an age where they can fully participate with it and engage in the excitement as well understanding the deeper meaning of it all.

For the first time this year I have made an advent calendar for the boys and filled with an activity for every day of advent.

Some are Christmassy and some are just about being together as a family.

Here is our list. This one was mainly inspired by Treena-Marie and there are some other excellent lists I’ve seen around too.

1. Decorate the tree

2. Family Christmas celebration with some other families

3. Make Cards for the teachers

4. Sing carols together as a family (with the help of You Tube!)  Changed to making woolly sheep from our advent swap parcel

5. Have a pancake breakfast

6. Make snowflakes to hang around the house

7. Have hot chocolates and read Christmas stories before bed

8. Go to the supermarket and each choose something for the Christmas food bank

9. Plant something together  Make the gingerbread house we got given all the pieces for

10. Play board games together before bed

11. Make ‘Christmas Puddings’ (mallow puffs with white chocolate, jaffas and spearmint leaves)

12. Read Luke 1 – maybe act it out?

13. Make Reindeer noses for friends (these are the ones we did last year )

14. Mum’s Shop the Christmas version (the boys come and shop for each other – this is what my mum’s shop thing is all about – )

15. Family bike ride – flip a coin at each corner to see which way to turn

16. Make Christmas crackers together

17. Read Luke 2

18. Listen to Christmas music

19. Do some baking together to give way

20. Watch a Christmas movie together

21. Wrap up gifts with mum (stuff they bought at Mum’s shop)

22. Go to a friend’s house and sing them some carols (The Atlas will hate this one!!)

23. Make North Pole cupcakes these are ours from last year

24. Go to the Christmas eve service

This week the boys and I spent Friday afternoon putting the tree up together. This is a reasonably (for my skills!) complex task and there were times I wanted to just shoo them away so I could do it quickly. But I stopped and intentionally reminded myself I want this to be special for all of us, we are in no hurry, this is supposed to be fun – it made all the difference.

Then while they were in bed I put up the Advent Calendars, got the nativity out, positioned the wise men (they are making their way to Bethlehem and the boys have to fund them every day), and put up the wreath. I also wrapped the Christmas Books we were giving them and made and wrapped a handmade ornament for them both (a yearly tradition).

So on Saturday (my birthday) we spent a beautiful morning as a family decorating our tree. I love the sense of decorating together. The anticipation of many shared family activities and the conversations that arise. We talked about the Christmas Tree and how it is ‘ever-green’ and how that reminds me that God’s love for all of us is also ever green – it never changes, it never runs out, it never dies.


I have so enjoyed doing this series. I know it has really grown me as a Mama.

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

 Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

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When Friday Comes

I am so grateful for the sunshine that has graced us this week

a little boy who played his violin at school assembly this week and the kind of children that sing along to ‘twinkle, twinkle’ and tell him he did really well

the sweet friendships my boys have and the ways in which they play as a group when others come without drawing lines about ages and genders…long may this last



I loved teaching a class for children at the Make Cafe last week and seeing their sense of excitement and satisfaction when they made something – some of them had never threaded a needle before the class

and the beautiful way Kirsty set the class up makes me excited about the one I am going to attend

Loving laughing until I cry watching You tube clips of wipe out – kinda a cheap laugh but we all think it is hilarious here…..

I love that it’s nearly December and so The Atlas will be soon shaving the world’s most awful mo off soon… can’t come soon enough

and I’m loving and getting totally anxious about this performance coming up soon….

Christmas is just around the corner!!! Wheee I am so looking forward to the season of advent this year

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Fill your heart with good things here

Hello Friday

Here we are enjoying our ‘annual’ trip to The Show

The tractors were a major hit

as was the plane ride

I so loved having a day with the boys who make every day a gift



B.M.W.B #46 – Family Scavenger Hunt

On Saturday afternoon while Bounce and Daddy were out on a birthday date Flip and I made a family scavenger hunt. It was his idea and we chatted about how to do it.

In the end everyone had their own list 5 inside challenges and 5 inside challenges. We wrote up Daddy and Bounce’s ones together and I wrote his as a secret and he mine.

Then when Daddy and Bounce came home we played the hunt with a dice. If you rolled a 3 or more you chose inside or outside and did one of the challenges on the list then you stamped it off (very complicated rules you can see!!). Bounce never rolled a 1 or 2 so he won.

It was so fun. The boys had put up the tent on the lawn so we all sat by the tent and ate our dinner together. I do love the lazy pace that some weekends have.

Can you believe it’s 46 weeks into the year already??

Time to start thinking about Christmas and making things together for that!

Thank you so much for those who have taken time to encourage me on this B.M.W.B journey.

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

 Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

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Today You Are 4

Dear Bounce

You are a delight to my heart. I couldn’t be happier or more blessed to have you in this family. You are funny and you are a great entertainer.

This year you have grown up but you have also grown so many skills – you have been biking to school and kindy for a long time now. You are gaining swimming skills. You can write and read your name. You know my name is ‘m then another letter then m‘.

You laugh so much and it’s the best sound in the world. You have a great sense of humor. You talk -all.the.time. There is a constant stream of gorgeous chatter that goes wherever you are. You love to be included in everything and you really, really don’t like going to bed earlier than your brother.

You love to play ‘the old house game’ (where we pretend you are a baby and snuggle you up in a quilt) and the hiding in the washing basket game – for which I am given very specific instructions!

You like kindy but you’ve told me actually you’d rather just be home with me.

You are strong and you have awesome dance moves. Your ‘daddy bear’ is still almost permanently at your side at home and he often goes other places with us too – but we leave him in the car so he doesn’t get lost.

You love machines with a passion and there are always so many to look at in Christchurch.

But most of all, just as you always have, you love your brother. So much so you don’t want to have a special night at Ma n Pop’s if it means being away from him. You include him in everything and often save special information and things to show him each day.

You are articulate and you are clever but you are also kind and supremely helpful. I can always rely on you to respond quickly when I ask you to do something for me. You like kisses, but just on the cheek at the moment, thanks. You are so huggly and you are always moving.

I love you little Bounce. I have loved the last 4 years together and I look forward to this very special year we have together at home before you start school.

You are a gift to my heart and to us all.

Happy Birthday baby boy. xxxxxx

Love That Swells Your Heart

I’m (hopefully!!) in Melbourne with The Atlas – man of my life.

My boys are in the capable care of family members that love them.

Flip snuggled in to me before I left and said, ‘I might miss you mama.’ (and he cried)

Little Bounce snuggled in close.

These are the boys that have changed my life forever. The man who asked me to marry him who has loved me and walked beside me for nearly 13 years.

The 2 boys we have been given – gorgeous, sweet, loving, stunning little people who make me laugh

This is the love that swells my heart.

This is what I am grateful for every moment of my life.

I love them.

B.M.W.B #42 -Practical Generosity

As a parent I think a bit about what kind of boys I hope my sons will be when they are adults.

At the moment the main words I think about are – strength, compassion, gentleness and generosity. The thing is though these things are kind of hard to measure so I am trying to get them to practice these things now at their own age level.

We have just finished putting together our Operation Christmas Child boxes which we have done together for the last 2 years. I love the way you can watch videos of children receiving their gifts, read stories that make you realise your impact and how the boys can pick stuff they would love to get.

This weekend we also shared a stall at a local crafty market. Jamie (another chch blogger) and her daughter generously said we could have half their table. So during the week we made treat-y foods and Flip spent time studying the Gifts For Life catalogue, because I promised them for every thing they made at the market they could choose gifts from the brochure to buy. I love that they were happy and excited about that. It didn’t occur to them that they should be making money for themselves.

The market itself didn’t offer the best weather (check out the little faces above!) – by 10am this is what we were like to shelter from the rain and the wind was blowing all our little signs around. Some other lovely stall-holders bought some bits from the boys which they loved.

We came home cold and wet but happy we had just stocked up the firewood!! Then Ma and Aunty N came round and we made them a stall and they bought some more things as well. (I think they were especially keen given the sweet nature of the stall holders and the slow sales they had had!!)

Then in the afternoon on a trip to see friends we also packed up a bag of cupcakes and gave them away – because all generous behaviour is good.

Do you think much about the kind of adults you are hoping to raise?

What characteristics do you most hope for?

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. 

Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.