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December Giveaway – Little Things

There is something about little things I just love so this month I thought I would make a giveaway from little things.

A little lined notebook

2 tiny tea-cup erasers

a fair-trade Christmas decoration with tiny seed beads and maybe some other tiny things too.

If you’d like a mini parcel of love for yourself this Christmas leave me a comment.

I’ll draw next Monday and try to get it in the post for you so you can receive it before the end of the year.

Thank you so much to all of you who have entered my monthly giveaways this year. I hope to continue them next year.


November Giveaway

Before November disappears entirely I want to make good on my monthly giveaway promise. I have so enjoyed doing these monthly giveaways. I recognise that generosity does not come naturally to me and so I have loved creating intentional opportunities (even if they are small!) to make it a habit.

Every December 1st I give my boys a book about Christmas so that over time we will gather up a large stash of them to read together during December on our lead up to Christmas. A while ago a friend recommended this book to me, I subsequently found a copy second-hand and then I found another one on TradeMe and because I liked it so much I bought the second one so I could give one away!

This book is about a little boy who lives in a caravan park and wants to enter the competition that the council is running for people to decorate their houses for Christmas. Being of meagre means he uses what he has and waits with great anticipation for the judges to come and visit his house (and they don’t)…. what could be such a sad story is in fact a beautiful and uplifting tale. I won’t spoil the ending but I think this is a story anyone could love and enjoy.

It’s also a New Zealand book which makes me very happy. There are so many great children’s books and I’m always thrilled to find New Zealand ones to add to the collection.

Currently it is unavailable on Fishpond, Book Depository, Trade Me and Amazon doesn’t appear to have it at all – so this could be your big chance!! :o)

If you would like to enter to win a second-hand (I know people have mixed feelings about 2nd hand and that’s okay just want you to know so you are informed!!) copy of this book, leave me a comment. Tell me a children’s book you love or a Christmas tradition you have.

I’ll draw the winner on Nov 25th so hopefully I have time to get it to your family before Dec 1st so you can read it during the Christmas build up too.

Because I love the journeys and friendships blogging creates if you want to enter and you follow my blog (any old way) then remind me in your comment and I will enter you twice.

Have a wonderful day

Miriam x

Make My Week #42 and October Giveaway

Okay so remember I promised a giveaway every month this year? – you forgot? Well, never fear I absolutely did not!

Anyway first things first is this weeks creation – a while ago I saw this gorgeous embroidery on pinterest and so last week I sprung from there and made myself a rather much larger version with smaller houses…. weird huh?

Here is the original:

Source: via Miriam on Pinterest

Here is mine:

I just freestyled it – looked at the picture once and then went for it with no clear plan. I am very pleased with the results though.

I love this. And if you look very closely you’ll see there are some little lighted windows along the street.This was inspired from these bible verses – (I also happen to like the song this little light of mine more than most).

14 “You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden. 15 Nor do people light a lamp and put it under a basket, but on a stand, and it gives light to all in the house.16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

However since I’ve made it I also am reminded of the following lines

I seen the little light‘ from Catherine Mansfield’s short story The Dolls House

and also ‘some windows are lighted but mostly they’re dark‘ from Oh The Places You’ll Go by Dr Seuss.

I’d like to try one on black fabric with white stitching next. Does anyone else have a thing for houses? I love little houses. The fabric in my header appealed for that very reason.

Anyway on to the giveaway….this month you get to choose between the cameo ring, the cameo brooch or a wee pencil brooch. All made by me and I’ll either send you the original or make a new one for you.

Leave me a comment and let me know which you would pick. Or just leave a nice comment about my wee houses and say if you’re not entering – I won’t be offended.

Open internationally – let’s share the love people. Closing at the end of the month or when I tire of reminding people to enter. (I’m a little unpredictable like that!!)

because I might be flying away to a romantic rendezvous with The Atlas today I won’t be responding to comments until next week but don’t let that stop you ….

Joining in with a team of inspiring makers at Our Creative Spaces – button on the right.

For other stuff I’ve made recently

Other stuff I’d like to make on pinterest.


This week’s happy memories:

exciting parcels in the mail (more about that next week)

 and PR people who happily address your review parcel to your children, especially happy-making to a little one who has been asking for post a lot lately ‘and I only wanted a letter but I got a whole parcel’.

exciting arrivals at the airport – home at last! and straight into reading tin tin, presents and playing the teddy game

exciting fashion shows  attended with bloggers

and a very  beautiful collection by our lovely friend Nin (feeling famous by association)

I would so recommend going and having a browse in her online shop – so lovely.

cute notes written by a six-year-old for his fish (who was turning 102!) and displayed in front of the fish tank so he could read it (he is actually the fish who looks like he is reading it!!)

cute enquiries from a 3-year-old who wondered what to give a fish and if we could put the presents in the tank and would they get wet?

a bloggers get together on Monday night to do a swap – and the treats I got – thanks Treena

sunshine, hail, sleet, thunder and lightning storms all in the space of a week or so

and a delicious giveaway for this month as well

What things have you loved this week?

A Trip to Yoghurt Heaven (and a giveaway)

I’m not really a dairy lover (putting chocolate aside!). I don’t like milk and cheese much and would easily give either or both up. But as a woman I have this niggling thing about the fact that I should be consuming calcium so I don’t end up all bent in half like a paper clip as an older woman.

So I decided I would do the yoghurt thing – I put yoghurt through my cereal and that way I feel like I can  give myself a calcium tick. The other day I decided to treat myself and instead of buying a cheap tub of ‘whatever is on special‘ (and is probably full of fake everything) I grabbed a tub of Bliss – Berry Happy gourmet yoghurt. And I was indeed Berry Happy. – so thick and so creamy (almost like a velvety smooth mousse) and full of a berry ‘compote’.

It literally was so good that I emailed the company to congratulate them (I always ring a company if their product is defective so I try to balance it out with praise if I find something genuinely above and beyond).

Long story short I discovered the yoghurt is made by a proudly Canterbury company!! and they are lovely to deal with. I received a personal reply to my email from the company CEO Jim Small, who himself started Cyclops Yoghurt in 1988. Well impressed. Then last week I made the trip out to their factory in Hornby and came home with all sorts of things to try.

For Christchurch dwellers they run a factory shop on a Wednesday for you to be able to buy yourself some treats at below the RRP. 10am-4pm and worth a trip! If Victoria helps you out tell her I sent you because I’m sure she’ll be thrilled about that!

Just for a bit of background the company produces the following:

Cyclops – these are the original products and all the ingredients are certified organic, the yoghurt is fermented for a minimum of 12 hours in comparison to the 5 hours of most other brands and it contains a much higher concentration of milk solids which gives it an acidity and pro-biotic bacteria levels that are much higher than standard yoghurt’s.

The Bliss range – the one I bought. This is a gourmet brand and has the most wonderful selection of flavours. (even the titles make me happy – Apricot Enthusiasm anyone?). These yoghurts are made in the same factory using the same products and although they contain organic ingredients are not currently certified organic. These yoghurts are more dessert like, to me they remind me of eating the slightly soft ice-cream from around the edges of the tub (you mean you don’t do that?? must just be me!) and certainly satisfy the after-dinner sweet craving. They are higher in fat than some of the others and I find for me that means I eat less and feel more full and satisfied.

(Does this make anyone else think of the Seinfeld episode when they spent the whole time eating frozen yoghurt??)

The company also produces 3 flavours of organic frozen yoghurt – Mango, Strawberry and Coffee(which a lot of my friends swear by). And tubs of sour cream.

I love that they as a company they are ardently committed to being an adult based brand – not that children wouldn’t enjoy them but with flavours like Ginger and Pear (with definite ginger flavours) and Mango and Cardamom and a strong focus on organic and pro-biotic qualities – they are not aiming to be a ‘lolly brand’. Certainly my Flip was more than happy to try the frozen yoghurt and described it as ‘all of that‘ and has been asking for it for dessert every night since.

They are also genuinely committed to doing their best by the environment as well – there are awards like this all over the wall at the factory shop

It makes me really pleased to see artisan products being produced locally in New Zealand that refuse to compromise the standard of their products to take a stake of world domination. I also find it really impressive that for over 20 years (before it was trendy) they have been producing organic products.

As I say, I approached the company (Serra foods) after trying the yoghurt because I found it SO good. They kindly gave me some more products to sample and were very generous when I asked them for some vouchers to give away.

SO… to my September giveaway. If you would like to win a voucher (let’s call it a ticket to yoghurt heaven!) to get your own taste of happiness leave me a comment here.

For further entries be a follower of this blog – please leave another comment

and if you really want one of these vouchers pop over and like their fb page and leave me another comment.

3 chances to win!

** currently Cyclops is available at all your local supermarkets but the Bliss range is not stocked in Countdown supermarkets. If like me you’re a cheap and cheerful PnS shopper or a more refined New World shopper you are in luck for both products. **

Entries close on 20th of September and winners will be posted their vouchers within a week. Sorry to my international readers this is a NZ giveaway only. Please ensure I have a way of contacting you should you be a winner.

Make My Week #34 – More Wrist Cuffs and A Giveaway

So after you were all so lovely about my wrist cuffs I thought one would make a perfect giveaway for August. These are the latest ones I have made using the same tutorial as last time.

I’ve also made a little brooch for the winner of my last giveaway but I won’t reveal that until it is safely with its new owner. I do like it though I might have to make one for myself even.

If you are a Christchurch person I would love to encourage you to get along to Crafty Christchurch in the GeoDome in Hagley Park – starting tonight and going through the weekend. Some of the Chch bloggers are going tonight if you want to gatecrash.

To see other crafty makes click on the creative spaces button on the right

to enter the giveaway let me know which money cuff fabric you like best.  If you follow this blog and want 2 entries just leave 2 comments (by email, or google reader/connect thingy! or however else you might follow). The photo with the cuffs open is the most representative of their actual colours. Have another cut out in the green seersucker (wrinkly) fabric as well so you have to imagine that one!

I am going to give away 2 of these one for anyone who enters and the other for followers of my blog. Not because I want you all to follow, unless you actually want to, in which case welcome!! but I want to acknowledge all the encouragement I get from you choosing to come along for the journey.

to see more of the things I’ve been making go here

and if you don’t want to enter please feel free just to leave a lovely comment but don’t tell me which one you like best (clearly I love comments)

There are daffodils springing up in the garden – Spring is around the corner!

Make My Week #30 – Stitching and A Giveaway

I have got a black work embroidery book out of the library a couple of times now and felt very inspired by it and when I asked for traveling crafts recently a few people suggested some stitch work so I had a rummaged through my extensive craft book collection and found one with some black work stitches in it.

All of this is just free-hand rambling rather than following patterns which is good because the fabric is very fine and it would have been a nightmare to be counting carefully.

I made the first one in response to a verse in the book of Job (in the Bible) that spoke to me. I realise it’s fairly random out of context and personal meaning – suffice to say it is about how I feel about bearing the scent of hope in my life and how I hope that might affect/ give hope to others…..

the others are wee brooches I whipped up for fun playing with stitches and with the words from my blog title. One of the ‘inspires’ didn’t turn out as I had envisaged it (happens when you make stuff up as you go along!) so I made another one.

So to the July giveaway –  this month I want to make a personalised hand stitched brooch for you. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment with the word you would want on a brooch. You can also say which style you like best if you want to. I’m happy to send one of these wee chaps anywhere in the world. Entries close Friday 3rd of August 2012.

On the subject of giveaways – bookworms and people who like great ideas for kids head over here pronto – your choice of book giveaway and a great blog to read – yes please.

For other crafty stuff I have made lately look here

For other people’s crafty makings head over here.

B.M.W.B #27 – Growing Generosity

I really want to grow kids that are generous kids. I want our family to be based around a value system where we recognise our position in the world is one of privilege not right.


This week we started pocket-money – our boys have never heard of pocket-money but after doing the middle years course with Parents Inc we decided that we would like to introduce pocket-money. I want my children to be intelligent with their money and I want them to always, always factor giving into the way they live.

After talking together as a family the boys have decided to save together, and we will contribute too, for a big-ticket item. Then they both have 2 other jars – one labelled ‘Live’ and one labelled ‘Give’. We have prescribed how much they will put into each jar (about 15% into ‘Give’ and about 40% to ‘Save’ and 45% to ‘Live’). They can spend their ‘Live’ money on whatever they like. we will help them by identifying small items they want to save up for and once or twice a term I will do a ‘shop’ at home where they can spend as well.

They are SO excited about this new system. Each week at our awards night we will give them pocket-money in small change so they can easily split it between the jars. It also means they learn to handle and understand how money works and what you get for it. As they grow a bit they will be able to make more decisions about how to split their money between these 3 places but for as long as we can we will be teaching and modelling to them a giving lifestyle.

School holidays have begun! We have had a spontaneous invitation to Clip n Climb (a fantastic climbing gym for children) on Friday night. The boys are becoming SO confident at climbers and Flip even did the 8m vertical drop slide! Then on Saturday we went to the lantern festival as part of the opening of Kidsfest – a beautiful lantern lit walk through the Botanical Gardens followed by Flip’s first ever live rugby match and a very late night to go with it. I do love holidays!

We also went for a gorgeous walk up by the sign of the kiwi on Sunday afternoon. The views were spectacular and it was so nice to see the boys out in the cold wind exploring and enjoying. We went with a cousin and some lovely friends. I love that my boys are full of the wonder of the world.

Do you do pocket-money with your kids?

What are some ways you encourage generosity?

Don’t forget to enter my giveaway here!

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. Please inspire me with the little moments you are snatching with your little people OR with ideas I could do with mine. If you have blogged about it please leave a comment so we can all visit and encourage each other.  
Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.

Heard Your Heart Say Love and a Giveaway!

or something similar!

It’s Friday again. Day for reflecting on the week that was and the joys that have accompanied it.

Favourite images of the week are these 2 friends at the kindy ‘breakfast, wear your PJs’ party.

This week I’ve also loved catching up with friends and sharing special moments of life together. I definitely measure friendships in the levels of sharing given and received. When people share the journey’s of their hearts with me I feel that deep sense of privilege and joy in their trust.

I’ve also loved making this bread for the first time. For kiwi’s I’d say very similar to vogel’s bread. It has 2 cups of seeds in it (I used Chia, Sunflower and Pumpkin) and it is a no knead bread as well! Whoop! One loaf did explode rather ungraciously in the oven but I can forgive it for that. Make again? Yes. Online recipe here. I also managed to stab myself with a sharp piece of crust on the edge of one loaf (check out those mean jagged edges!) and I drew blood! I kid you not – blood people.

I also picked myself up some very 80s? pumps in orange from an op-shop this week, they called out to me and I don’t think Deb would have wanted them!

Oh and before I go all missing my ‘planned giveaway each month’ here is one for June. This is a beautiful long oblong/rectangle shaped 100% silk scarf from Trade Aid – which means not only is it gorgeous it is also ethically made and the makers receive fair wages.

What isn’t to love? Enter by leaving a comment and if you are a follower by email or google or some other way leave me another comment and you’ll get 2 entries.  Happy to send it anywhere in the world – I’m not sure about inter-galactic postage it seems too unpredictable!

Entries close 10th of July. Winner chosen out of a hat by one of my delicious children

What has made you smile this week?

and just to make me happy and hopefully inspire me for some creative endeavour what is your favourite colour combination?

Joining in gratefully

Happy On Friday

Hello Lovelies

What’s been making you smile this week?

I’ve been loving seeing my boys meet their beautiful little cousin

Watching my big boy’s class assembly

Looking forward to having some lovely Christchurch bloggers over tomorrow night – if you are a Chch blogger and I don’t have you on my list please leave a comment and let me know – we are very inclusive!

and giveaways – my one and this one which is an opportunity to get some beautiful songs from an amazing NZ talent and right on NZ Music Month too! enter them – it makes a blogger every excited to have lots of people entering their giveaways – I promise!!

and getting my first year of blogging back as a hardcover 180 page book! Whoop – cost a bit and took a lot of hours but such a great record of our lives and my creative journey

Pop over and see what other people are grateful for