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B.M.W.B # 12 – Oh So Simple

One of the things I am loving most about my commitment to these B.M.W.B posts is that it forces me to say yes to things that can easily be ‘put off’ for a more convenient time.

The thing is when does that ‘more convenient time’ ever arise?

We had a nice bubble machine that made a sad transition to the sandpit and here it ended its days, no more to work. Yesterday at the supermarket for $2.05 I purchased a range of wands and very small pottle of bubble mix (we have a large bottle at home, which is good because the small bottle ‘fell over’ on the table and that was the end of it!).

During afternoon snacks I issued the preemptive strike, ‘I would really like to play bubbles with you my darlings. After I have the pasta on would you like to do bubbles with me?’

I so want my boys to feel like I want to play with them

and be around them

they are not an interference in my day – they are the reason I wash, bake, cook, clean (well actually I don’t really clean so I guess I can’t claim that one!).

I want my boys to KNOW the delight we have in them

we laughed, we mucked about, we made bubbles and we all felt good for it

This year I am making more of a conscious effort to have quality moments with my boys. B.M.W.B (becoming the mama I want to be)  is my way of recording and hopefully inspiring other mama’s too. Please inspire me with the little moments you are snatching with your little people OR with ideas I could do with mine. If you have blogged about it please leave a comment so we can all visit and encourage each other.

Simple. Achievable. Intentional: becoming the mama I want to be.


Welcome 2012

Happy New Year my lovelies. May 2012 bring you laughter and hope and may your visits to this blog leave you feeling encouraged, inspired and possibly even entertained. xxxx

So a new year and time to set new challenges.

SO…. 2012…..

I want my ‘major‘ project for the year to be focused time with my boys.

My boys get a lot of quantity time with me but sometimes it is lacking on quality.

I have some cute books I inherited from Grandma and a whole heap of others I’ve collected over time, so I am going try to record at least 1 activity each week from them and report to you so you can maybe try them too.

I’m going to call this ‘Becoming the Mama I Want to Be’ –  ‘B.M.W.B’ and I’ll blog about it on a Tuesday.

If you are a blogger or a mama feel free to join in and leave me a comment each week to let me know what little snatches of quality/focussed/special time you’ve created in the week.

As part of that I am also going to try once a week or once a fortnight to do some art with my boys and have bought them scrapbooks and we’ll record our successes and failures here too.

The second part of my creative journey I want to challenge myself with is actually using my, ahem, extensive crafty book collection to inspire/springboard from – if it’s in the shelves I should be being inspired by it. So hopefully you’ll see me crediting plenty of sources for my inspiration this year.

Having spent a couple of days re-sorting my fabric I am giving myself a challenge/rule: NO new fabric or purchases of sheets/doilies/fabric from op-shops  for the first 6 months of the year. I will allow myself to purchase notions such as thread, zips, elastic, batting IF required to complete a project. I may also buy clothes from the op-shop for repurposing and fabric for request projects – like recovering the outdoor chairs.

Putting it out there people – so you can keep me accountable!

I want to continue on with ‘Make My Week’ – 1 new creation every week.  Probably on a Thursday to join in with the cool people who do show and tell at our creative spaces.

I would like to illustrate (mixed media style) a children’s story I’ve written for my boys.

I’d also like to make at least one item of clothing each month.

Once a month to an unexpected/undeserved act-of-kindness to a person/s as well as having some kind of giveaway here each month.

oh, and drink lots of water, exercise, sleep lots, eat well….. you know that boring stuff! There are other personal things goals, my spiritual journey, books to read, people to encourage…..but they will just be smattered randomly through my ramblings and I’ll link in to various things I think are cool throughout the blog-o-sphere

achievable?? Stay tuned and find out!

What are you hoping to do/achieve/try in 2012?

Happy, Happy Me

This is my birthday post so if you want to skip a completely ‘me,me,me’ kind of post look away now!

Today is my birthday. I like birthdays a lot and I’m especially pleased to be turning 34. Turns out 33 has been rather a large year for me what with (in some sort of chronological order):

Living with my parents for 2 months of it – actually make that 3

Moving into a new home

Losing my mother-in-law

Surviving a serious of major earthquakes

Having my sister’s wedding (4 days later – and having to wash my hair in 10cm of water for the event because we only just had water back)

Finding out our old house (our first house) had been condemned by the earthquake

Being a census enumerator – until the census was cancelled

Speaking in church a couple of times

My father and father-in-law having medical heart dramas

Having my oldest son start school

Farewelling my older sister for her adventure overseas

Being burgled

Having my baby start kindy

Getting a bike and riding it on the school and kindy run nearly every day

Finding out we are expecting a  first niece or nephew

Celebrating 12 years of marriage

Supporting The Atlas as his work has gone crazy and he has led one of the teams writing the new plan for our city (very proud of him for what he has achieved this year)

Made all our bread by hand all year (without a bread maker)

Discovered a whole host of amazing blogs, got into pinterest and met some very amazing Christchurch and Auckland bloggers in person

Made something or things every week for make my week

Started to get a bit more of an understanding of some of the dreams that live inside my heart

Lost about 7kg

Done some paid and un-paid acting and speaking

Completed a major house renovation (always takes longer than it says on paper!)

Run and under 5s music group

Started new family traditions

Made a lot of new and wonderful friends

Made all our dishwasher powder and laundry liquid and bench spray

Gone ‘deeper in and higher up’ (to borrow a Narnia phrase) with the One who makes all things beautiful at the right time.

Not a complete list but you get the idea!

So yup it’s been a big year. A big year and in so many ways one of the very best years ever and I say that with no sarcastic tone. This year I have realised and lived that the deep heart work and the people you journey with are the things that bring greatest satisfaction and deepest joy. Because the work He’s started isn’t finished but He has promised and He will continue with great care until it is complete – and that my soul knows very well.

 Here’s to being 34.

Thanks for journeying with me.

photos of me and some cakes I just made and 2 of my early presents, thanks mama!

Playing Small

I had a conversation with a friend this week about dreams, ambitions, goals…

In fact I seem to be having rather a few of these conversations lately – maybe it’s a season I’m coming into.

We talked about some stuff – stuff that makes me think:

1. Like when you think or talk about your dream is it all fantasy or are you putting some foundations to that stuff? Are you preparing for that moment when you get your chance, when you are discovered, when that door opens? Or are you wishing and dreaming without a plan? I am reminded of a story about a man by a healing pool, when the water stirred the first one in got healed. Jesus asked that man ‘Do you want to be healed?’ and he said ‘I can’t get into the pool first, I haven’t got any help’. Makes me think…. if he really wanted it could he have asked some friends? Could he have just lay on the side of the pool ready to roll in the moment the water stirred? He was lying in the area wanting it but was he making himself ready for his moment?

Action AND dreams – both needed.

2. Playing Small – I feel like this is an ultimate in our kiwi culture. Dreaming big looks arrogant. Dreaming big is the opposite of humility. I don’t believe either of these are true but I think they are a cultural norm for kiwis and because of this I’m sure many of us don’t achieve what we could. You know I actually think some of it is pride and fear – if we don’t try too hard and attempt great things then we won’t be embarrassed when we fail. If we don’t give it a try and fail splendidly then we can blame it all on never getting a chance, and anything else – kids, money, age, partner….. but not our own small approach.

Maybe we are afraid people will laugh at us, or assume things about us having ideas above our station.

3. A big journey for me is the thought there isn’t room – the world already has amazing actors, great presenters, gifted speakers… is there room for me? I think we can be held back by that old monster – comparison – that younger, better connected, richer, slimmer, (insert your thing here) woman is already out there doing it, so there is no room for me. Sound familiar?

4. Maybe we are just too tired, too worn down, too disappointed by life to believe in hope anymore. And if we are maybe it’s time to rest and recover and be at peace. Winter doesn’t last forever. Winter is a season and being in the middle of winter with no leaves doesn’t mean that a tree is a failure.

Maybe we are really afraid that we will be weighed in the scales and found wanting….

So what is holding you back from making your dream a step closer?

Are you brave enough to say what that thing is? To risk sharing it?

Will you take a step out of the boat onto the water? Are you dressed for it? Or are you sitting at home on the couch watching the guy step out of the water saying ‘I could do that if only I had a boat.’

No, it isn’t guaranteed. But what do you have to lose? And if that moment presents itself have you done all you can to be ready? And will you open your arms and embrace that beautiful moment or will you hang your head too proud or scared to take a risk?

Me? Well I’d like to be in front of people – all sorts of people. Talking, acting, inspiring, encouraging, bringing hope. I want to be a beacon. I want to shine my light a long way and I want to speak to thousands of people. And I’d like to walk my daily journey as a wise, kind, invested wife, mother and friend and see my boys grow into good men and see my marriage grow into a beautiful, encouraging, laughter-filled life-journey.

I’d like to be salt to season and light to encourage.

Am I trying to fill a gap or find some sense of meaning? No. Absolutely. No. I am already loved, accepted and blessed beyond belief.

Will it happen?

I’m not sure but the time is now for me to stop making excuses and to put my hand in the One I can trust to direct my steps.

If it doesn’t happen?

What have I lost? nothing that matters, but I have gained the satisfaction of investing in the seeds planted in me.

I will not have buried my talent, or dulled my light, I will not have let fear or shame dictate my journey. And, if nothing else that in itself is a success.

Who are you growing up to be? Are you brave enough to share?

This post is linking in with the lovely Widge who I am privileged to hold real conversations with sometimes.

ps – no one ran a marathon who didn’t get off the couch and venture outside, just saying.

currently unlikely to ever run a marathon, just saying that too.

Good Intentions Tuesday

Flip is still recovering – actually he is fine today but the doctor said to give him another day at home. I can’t complain though he and Bounce are playing some very intricate game which requires a lot of instructions from one to another. While they listen to Roald Dahl on audio book – The Giraffe the Pelly and Me at last tune in.

Good intentions…. slightly lacking but I have completely emptied the pantry and helped The Atlas re organise the house into my sewing room. Renovations at our place!! (not earthquake related either!)

I have kept up with my Operation Christmas Child boxes though – I picked up these 2 exercise books at the supermarket yesterday for all of 45c each. If you want to contribute to a box but don’t know you can do the whole thing consider asking a friend or seeing if your local – playcentre, preschool, music group, kindy…. would do a group box or 2. Every box changes a child’s experience of Christmas.

On another note our citrus squeezer is a plastic job without at bottom so you have to sort of perch it over a bowl – not conducive to making lemon cordial…… I decided I wanted an old-fashioned one and I was saying to my mama I must look out for one when I’m op-shopping and lo and behold she had on in the back of the cupboard!

The Atlas was said he was going to find me one for my birthday (he is so cute and he never knows what to get me!) he had stored it away quietly in his mind and didn’t tell me until I got this one. I love him.

Are you loving the colour of this juicer????

Speaking of colour opinions are open for painting of boys’ room, spare room, lounge and family rooms after the renovations are complete…. what shades are you loving for interiors?

Snow, Sewing and Good Intentions

I know, I know it’s supposed to be good intentions Tuesday.

The snow combined with the fact I have had The Atlas home for 2 days (hooray!) meant today I stepped into the abandoned projects hole. (This is a cubby hole in my sewing room) The projects are abandoned forever but they are a bit – boring. Not being a great finisher these little jobs often get popped away for another day.

So today I mended a patch in The Atlas’ house jeans (had this waiting for about 8 months I think),

 bound a baby feely mat

by hand so it looks nice!

Sewed a handle on a bag I made as a set of about 4 last year.

And fixed some ancient pillowcases that were The Atlas’ when he was a boy.

All this probably took me less than half an hour – it’s embarrassing really that I left them for so long. I also changed the thread on my overlocker which took just about as long – I finally managed.

And I started and finished a very frou-frou, fluffy project for a certain costume party coming up (another one!) so here is a tiny peek…. any guesses?

Yesterday I also completed the top for the quilt I started in the ‘stack and slash’ class I went to. Just a glimpse I’ll do the full reveal when I have actually finished it.

Also – Operation Christmas Child – are you joining in? This week bars of soap (x2 we are doing 2 boxes) and from last week when I neglected my good intentions again – coloured pencils. Both about $1-2 or less.

What good intentions have you completed this week? What do you want to achieve next week?

Good Intentions Tuesday

This week I finished the quilt – see yesterday’s post if you want pics and I sorted my jewellery out.

This was what the dressing table looked prior plus 2 small draws of mess.

Now it looks like this.

Unfortunately all my stuff to pay-forward was found by Flip who has decided he’d like to play with it…..I tried!

Also – I’m asking you to join in with me this year on an opportunity close to my heart – Operation Christmas Child. All over the world people fill shoeboxes with little gifts then they are taken to collection points and the boxes are delivered all over the world to children who would otherwise have no Christmas at all.

There are lots of good things to give to but I particularly like this one because I think it is one where it is easy to involve your own children – talking about the children, picking the gifts, even spending their own pocket-money. Last year you also made a $9 (tax deductible) payment to cover the postage.

The boxes have to be in by the end of September from memory so would you join in and get one thing a week with me for the next few weeks and do your own box???

If you are keen to join I will give you an idea for each week, something simple. There are also guidelines on their website for things that cannot be included – toothpaste, bubble mix, war toys etc… You can also pick 2-4 years, 4-8 and 8-14 (I think) and the gender.

Week 1 – Toothbrushes. We are doing 2 boxes so I bought 2 0-5 toothbrushes ($1.25 each) at the supermarket.

If you want more information follow this link. There are also some gorgeous video links – my fav is Julie’s story.

Will you join in?

What good intentions have you got done this week?

Good Intentions Tuesday – on Wednesday

Well there was snow!!

Made some good head roads into Flip’s quilt should be ready for the big reveal Monday.

Got the letters ready for starching to the toilet door – need to wait for a bit warmer weather though I think.

Other than that – it’s holidays so we are keeping busy with important things like painting t-shirts, visiting the library and making signs to keep the pirates away!

I did send off my vintage tin swap though so I’ll show you what I put in it when I know it has been received!

What good intention are you going to make happen this week?

Good Intentions Tuesday # 2

This week I finally finished some cross stitch hearts I started at the beginning of the year.

I whipped up the back to Bounce’s car cushion that I made in February!!!

And I finally re-hemmed and overlocked this little dress so now (after it’s ironed!!) I can start to wear it again instead of feeling obligated every time I see it in the ‘projects pile’.

Not bad considering we were away all last week – it just goes to show doing the intentions is quicker than walking past them 100 times!

How are your lists going? It was great to see what people were getting done last week.

Making any progress?

Good Intentions Tuesday #1

Okay folks – baby steps here.

Last Tuesday I wrote a list of 10 things I need to tick off my list of intentions.

The thing with all these wee jobs is they just bank up because the urgent – we have no bread and no clean underpants and the lazy – what’s on TV? seem to crowd them out.

So what one thing have you ticked off YOUR list of good intentions this week?

I soaked, washed and ironed (I know, can you believe it???) a big stack of doilies and old linen to actually check if the stains were there for good.

1/10 done

If you haven’t already why don’t you choose one of those lurking jobs to get done this week. If you’re keen to join and you’re a bloggy type leave a comment so we can come and feel good about your achievements too – we’ll get the cross off high watching your list shrink.

And if you aren’t a bloggy type just leave a comment with what you’ve done.