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Love Sounds Like Hammering Shelves

For Christmas The Atlas said he would build some shelves into my sewing room for all my fabric

(there is a lot of it)

And he followed through

and made me 4 shelves

which meant I needed to re-organise my fabric

and clear some out

But look how it is now

I love it

I expect it will help me to use more of my stash

and hopefully that will lend itself to more crafty inspiration in this little corner of blogland.



Hey Grandad We’re Ready for Your Visit

We didn’t think this was very appealing:

And even this might not have worked too well:

But we think you’ll be comfortable in here now!

You might have to bring an eye mask though because we haven’t got any curtains up yet.


This is a room we created by making 2 other rooms smaller. Hence the lack of a ‘before’ photo. Consider it your first peak at the renovation.

What’s My Style?

I signed up for another swap (as you do) and as part of it we had to try to define our style.

I found this rather tricky actually.So I thought I’d put it to you.

I think my style is a bit of a mix. In terms of design I adore the illustration aesthetic of the 60s and 70s I also LOVE art nouveau as a design period, particularly the furniture.

A photo I took at the markets in Luxor, Egypt

In our house my kitchen is my favourite room in terms of the general decor and way it looks and works.

At an op-shop I seldom go past a cute jug (I am discriminate though I don’t just buy any jug) and I am building up a collection of cute side plates. I’m not a matchy-matchy type – I am energised and excited by variety, beauty, colour and I quite like the unexpected in design.

I’m not really kitsch in my understanding of the term. My taste seems to veer a little towards the French Country/Shabby Chic but with a good dose of colour and a slighty 50s Cath Kidston vibe and definitely a bit of something else too – Dr Suess perhaps??

In terms of colour and palate I am absolutely in love with blues and greens in all their hues and I love a monochromatic palate (by that I mean variations all in the same colours not a neutral palate).

I love teaspoons (I blame my Dad for that, he’s the same!), woollen blankets, pretty glasses, aprons, doilies and bric-a-brac like ribbons and lace. Of course I COLLECT buttons!

In craft and fabric I like houses, trees, paisley and birds. I also love filmy translucent fabric.

In clothing I love the silhouette of the 50s and the femininity. I think the 20s and 30s are super elegant but I am aware they are for a figure that isn’t mine.

I’m also rather partial to a good quote and a melt-my-heart Bible verse. Good things in = good things out, that’s my philosophy – words, relationships, thoughts, food.

For me a successful home is one that tells a story about its owners even if you walked through without them there. I especially find bookshelves and art choices fascinating when I go to people’s houses.

What influences your decor? What items are you always buying/ thinking about/ tempted to steal? What colour always makes you smile.