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KCWC Day 5 – Baby Girl Dress

Today I made this super simple easy dress from a McCall’s pattern.

The dress is fully lined so I made it reversible too.

It is going to be for my god-daughter when she turns 1.

I have yet to make the little bloomers to go with it.


KCWC Day 4 – Plane Pants

I made these yesterday – not sure if I sewed for a whole hour but the day was rather busy.

Bounce loves his new pants. He has been flying up and down the hallway in his ‘Plane Pants’.

I made these from some gorgeous textured ice-breaker merino that I had left over from another project.

The plane appliques are also scraps.

Which means these pants were free!

Double elastic waist and I’m really pleased with the final outcome.

KCWC Day 3 – Hoodie

I whipped this up last night when I had the boys in bed. The Atlas was out at his first ever coaches meeting for Flip who starts football (soccer) this weekend.

This is for Flip (5 in 1.5 weeks). He has grown out of all his zip up warm things and he way prefers a cardi or hoodie for his ‘warm thing’.

The colours are all his choice. I rather have made it from knit for the look and feel factor but I couldn’t find any good choices. My favourite fabric shop is still closed after the earthquake.

It should get a lot of wear for kindy and the weekends when school has started. Adapted it from the dressing gown pattern I used yesterday.

He tried it out on the trampoline this morning at 7am.

KCWC Day 2 – Dressing Gown

This is todays ensemble – as it was in progress:

Dressing gown for Bounce (2.5)

I used a 1979 pattern that I got given in a throw out someone was having recently. It is a size 3 and I had to do a lot of shortening on the length and arms.

Made from polar fleece – purchased and a zip I already owned.

I didn’t gather the cuffs with elastic as in the pattern. It isn’t a perfect job – but  none of my stuff is. However the front is much more even that it appears in the picture!

He wanted to wear it to bed tonight but I hadn’t finished the hemming and shortening at that point.

KCWC Day 1 – Shorts

Yawn, yawn – things will get more exciting.

I made 2 pairs of these today. Flip needs them for PE when he starts school in 10 days!??!!!!

The photos make them look a funny shape because the ‘penguin’ modelling them wanted to stand like a penguin.

I made the pattern up, actually I didn’t make a pattern at all I just sort of cut around a pair he already had that were a reasonable fit.

The waistband has 2 rows of elastic – we wouldn’t want him losing them on a run round the field now would we?