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Finally Another Family Night

Flip has been saying for so long – ‘We need to have a family night’

So inspired by Cat’s cool family night I stole her idea.

We talked about the Creator and how we see amazing things in the way we are made.

How we see all the incredible variation in trees, people, animals…. things that remind us God didn’t just ‘make stuff’ he is incredibly creative.

And we know he made us like him (in his image) so we are creative too.

And just to prove it we made our own creations using only 2 things toothpicks and mini-marshmallows and even with such a limited set of things to work with we all made something different. Some of us worked fast (Bounce) some of us had strategies and descriptions of what we were doing (Flip) but we all created something.

Creativity is something I would consider a core value – something I want my boys to understand and enjoy because I think it enhances our lives to experience and explore.

It was great to spend some focussed family time together. Thanks Cat for sharing your night and inspiring ours.


Family Night – Creative and Unique

So I’ve been a bit slack about sharing these with y’all. We only been slightly less slack at doing them!

Tonight was the kind of night a family night seems like a great idea.

It’s grey (gray? Who knows!!??) and cold outside.

We had burgers and chips – chips are a major treat! On our star plates (from the $2 shop rather than the flash ones)

We made cupcakes this afternoon and after talking about how we are all different and the Creator who stamps us with creative abilities we did our own creating.

Then we collectively ate a chocolate bunny! Reason for the chocolate bunny? What can I say when Easter isn’t about bunnies and in June you see Lindt bunnies at the local supermarket for $2 – you feel no guilt (well possibly some marginal calorie guilt!). Especially when the receipt records the normal price as $7.99!!

Flip also decided to share some stories with us on our family night.

I love that the boys feel like these nights belong to them too. It’s a bit sad we haven’t been as regular as we’d like to be but every week with one is one closer to our goal.

Best part of the night for me – watching my boys (big and small) snuggled up together listening to the 4 (!) books he brought home in his reading folder.

What things do you do with your family as a ‘team’?

Faith and Family Generosity

Last week we focussed on the fact that God wants us to be generous people.


We made some very wonderful cupcakes and the boys iced them.

Ready to Ice

Bounce did the pink ones and Flip the purple.

Serious Work

We set out on our stealth mission but were sadly thwarted by the recipients sitting on their verandah.

Very Carefully

They played along and closed their eyes while we hid and delivered.

Flip's Work

Bless them – it was fun.

Bounce's Work

Perhaps secrecy isn’t our strong point.


In My New Dress

Here I am in my new ‘day dress’.

My Dress

I think this is a good style for me.

Today it has got up to 38 degrees at our place!!!!!! I am melting.

A bit of a catch up on our faith and family nights:

We’ve had 2 since I last posted

1 was the battle of Jericho which involved us building Jericho from every cushion we could find in the house. I was the Jerichoans? (If that is a word) and Flip played Joshua. He led the silent march and gave the command to blow your trumpets and shout ‘hallelujah’ and down came the walls.

2. This Thursday just been we focussed on the fact that God made our amazing bodies and he knows all about us – even how many hairs are on our heads. We sang a body song. Talked about how amazing our bodies are and told each other what we liked best about our bodies (In a very non-Trinny and Susannah way!). Then we gave God some jumps and claps to thank him for our wonderful bodies.

Melting in the Heat

It has been great to make Thursday our family night. I am so glad we’ve made it our commitment for the year, and hopefully beyond. I can imagine an 8 and 6 year old boys’ trumpet blowing and hallelujah-ing could be pretty LOUD!

Wherever you find yourself today I hope you can look at your body and be really thankful for part of it.


Tune in tomorrow for a giveaway and Make My Week.

Thursday Faith and Family #1

Our first official family night.


Very exciting. Seriously pleased, we have been meaning to do this for a while.

Bought a scrapbook in anticipation!

We thought we’d start with the Parable of the Lost Coin. (Where Jesus tells a series of stories to remind us how very precious each one of us personally is to God).

Bought a collection of chocolate coins.

Those Are Chocolate Mum!

Master 4 (I decided my men need nicknames so he decided I should call him Flip) also requested we do some earthquake and fire drills as part of our family night. Grandad is a search and rescue type so I’m putting that down to genetics!

 Told the story. Talked about how much we are loved and never given up on. Played hide and seek and celebrated each time we found someone.


Had a time for gratefulness:

Mama – Thank you God for my 3 lovely boys.

Husband (henceforth The Atlas) – Thank you God for this beautiful country to live in and explore.

Flip – Thank you God for giving me my body.

 Master 2 (Bounce) – thank you God for this (we think it is fingers)

Got out the coins.

Counted the coins.

They're Made of Chocolate

Lost no.10. Searched everywhere. Found it.

Celebrated its return.

Ate chocolate coins.


Walked round the block and did some wrestling – it’s a balanced approach to concentrate and move at our place.

Pile Up

Some photos from tonight and other recent ones that made me smile. Bless them with their new headlamps.

Up There

Family night #1 done. Only got to come up with another 51 for the year….ideas gratefully received!