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Wardrobe Wednesday – Of Your Era

This month the inspiration for Wardrobe Wednesday is the decade that suits you best

For me I’m a clear 50s girl – I have the ‘perfect’ figure or at least vaguely the right shape. Although I think the designs of the 20s/30s are gorgeous and the designs of the 60s a lot of fun neither styles are built for curves.

This means I go well with an hourglass shaped – either fitted or full in the skirt

This is the outfit I put together for my new haircut last week.

I bought the shirt from Timaru savemart at the same time as I bought this dress. It was a size or 2 bigger than I would normally buy but I used my dress makers dummy to make some serious depth in the darts and left the top part as it was. Then I added the black ribbon and I was all ready for a new do.


Top – $5.99 Savemart Timaru

Belt – ribbon from Spotlight

Skirt – bought on sale 10 years ago Catalyst

Tights – part of a set bought at Cosmic in chch

Shoes – bought in a bundle of 4 off trade me – 25cents!

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Op-Shop Swap

I was partnered with Deb for the winter op-shop.

Deb is such a lovely person and I had fun buying stuff I thought she would like.

I bought some napkins and embroidered her family members names on them so now they have a personalised set. I know Deb tries to only use fabric napkins so I hope these will be well used.

Thanks Jody for this cool swap!

Wardrobe Wednesday #13, Make My Week #13 and Mad Men Challenge #2

Here I am again with a triple post! This is my second offering as part of adorable Julia’s Mad Men Challenge (click the button on the side for more info).

This is my version of the ‘wiggle dress’ which seems to feature prominently in the series and also heavily inspired by the Joan ‘va-va -voom’ Holloway character – who has a seriously womanly figure.

When I made this dress I added quite a lot in the bust department (about 2 sizes worth) but when I finished it my ‘cup was running over’, if you know what I mean!! So I added in the pleated section along the neckline in the reverse of the fabric.

To stop it being too dated looking I added the exposed zip on the back and used more modern jewellery.

The fabric is the same old curtain I used for the top of my other mad men dress. I do love this colour. I also added in the blue velvet ribbon as a little bit of detail and ……I did a blind hem (my mother will be so proud).

Teamed up with:

Earrings – Budapest on our 5th wedding anniversary, Necklace – Trade Aid, Rings – D/K c/o- my sis, Greek inscription ring I designed and The Atlas got made for our 2nd anniversary, Shoes – TKmaxx in the UK.

Pop over and see what other people are wearing at Nin’s the theme for March is Homemade!

Also linking in on Thursday with other Creative Spaces

Make My Week #12 – Patchwork

Last year I learnt the ‘stack and slash’ method of quilting.

I have finally applied it again! This top was made entirely from vintage sheets in my stash and is backed with super soft 100% brushed cotton.

I also hand quilted some of the pieces so the layers stayed together.

I love the softness of all the blues side by side. This has been made as a raffle piece for a very special cause you’ll be hearing more about at the beginning of April.

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Wardrobe Wednesday #11, Make My Week #11 and Mad Men Challenge #1

Okay so hopefully you’re still with me after such a massive title!

This is my March clothing make and it is also my first post (I am going to do 2) for Julia Bobbin’s Mad Men Challenge – button on the right.

Our Wardrobe Wednesday theme for the month is Heavenly Homemade and I am the guest judge. Today Nin has published her interview with me so hurry on over and have a perv ah, peek into my wardrobe.

This dress cost – $2 I think for the zip, $2.99 for the thread and also, confession time $1 for the sheet I bought in Dunedin!!! I am supposed to be on a fabric embargo for the first 6 months of this year …but … it was so lovely and $1. You forgive me right? So, total cost about $6. The top part is an old curtain of my Mother In Laws and the lining is from my stash.

I am wearing it with my homemade full circle petticoat – also made entirely from stash.

Shoes – I can’t remember if I bought these at TKMaxx in the UK or No.1 Shoes in NZ – they were cheap.

Jewelry all gifted.

So it isn’t a direct copy of a Mad Men dress but it is supposed to capture the vibe and essence of the dresses they wore. I love the colours. It is made from a modified New Look pattern. The neckline isn’t probably that authentic but I did try to style it as authentically as I could.

Julia will be posting all about the dresses with some links on April 1st. But head over before then anyway if you like gorgeous, vibrant and talented show and tell of handmade clothes.

Other Wardrobe Wednesday ladies AND my interview here.

Fantastic, talented Creations here from Thursday.

Phew – take a breath. I hope you breathed while you read. I forgot to breathe while I typed and I’m a little light-headed now!!

A Sort-Of Giveaway


I’ve been going through my sewing room.

And I have rather a stack of crafty books and mags to pay forward.

Instead of chucking them all on trade me I thought I’d see if any took your fancy.

So… it works like this:

If you want it just make a comment (first in best dressed!) saying which one/ones – or all – that you want.

All I ask is that you pay for the postage or collect them if you are a Chch reader (or have a friend here!). That’s why it’s only sort-of a giveaway.

I’ll leave it open for a week and after that I’ll put the leftovers on trade me as a bulk lot.

Hopefully you can see all the titles in the pics. There are rather a stack of Golden Hands mags which you might want as a ‘set’.

Don’t be shy, say you want them all if you want to. And because you are my readers and I love you I’ll answer questions too. Some classics for the retro lovers in here.

If you do ask a question I’ll answer it below rather than emailing so just check back here.

** Fairly obvious, but I do want these to go to a home where they are wanted so please only ask if you do want them for you or you know someone who will be thrilled to have them**(not because you want to sell them)

Make My Week #35 Shirt to Baby Dress – restyle

It’s all go at our place with renovations and not so much go with creativity!

It was getting to the point this week where I thought I might have to count yesterday’s filming as my ‘make my week’. (Currently filming some short excerpts for a stage play a friend is doing).

Still I have completed this re-style. I cut the shirt down and made some new sleeves. Here is the before shot – inside out.

We needed something for our 9 month old film star. I didn’t get a photo of her in it but she looked adorable.

Pretty simple from an adults shirt and for $2 at the op-shop a pretty good deal I think too.

Making Your Own Bus Coasters

A while ago I made a set of Christchurch bus map coasters and someone asked for a tutorial.

Start with a set of old coasters you don’t want.

Give them a sand down with some rough sandpaper (mine is around 100 – sound official??)

Select your print, fabric, map….. I drew around mine so I could get a sense of exactly what they would look like – with pencil so I could move it. Cut them out and check they sit nicely on the coaster.

Apply a good coat of PVA – you can water this down a bit.

Smooth the print on – I use a ruler to get rid of air bubbles.

Let it dry completely.

Now I used polyurethane (varnish) some people have asked me if I used modge podge, which I have heard of but never used. Warning this stuff seems very expensive to me so you might want to have a rummage in the garage or decide if you want to work with a friend.

I do 2 coats of water based clear varnish. Let it dry thoroughly between coats.

Then 1-2 coats of enamel based varnish for the really glassy finish. Again patience and commitment between coats is going to give you a better finish. Also you should probably do at least the enamel based outside or in the garage, it’s pretty stinky.

I’d love to know if you do some and see your work too. If you want to share this tutorial please link back here. Thanks

Teatowels, The 80s and Air-brushing

A couple of years ago I picked up a very cool Di and Charles teatowel at an oppy. (I just need to say I am SO ahead of my time!)

I whipped up this wee cushion for the couch out of it last night.

Does it strike any of you as ominous that Diana is already portrayed as a bit sullen and sulky looking and Charles seems to have been airbrushed to a younger,  more sauve, handsomer version of himself? Reminds me of the election posters for Ms. Clark a few years ago (no offence intended to her or either of the royals!).

I am quite liking the latest addition to our growing cushion collection.