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Make My Week #22 – Cupcake Cushion

Joining in here again – oh so inspiring to see what people make in their creative lives

I share my creative space on Village Voices

This week it is another birthday party present for a very sweet little lady.

I like the colour combo and the way her name turned out – I free motion stitched it on the machine. Flip assured me after the party she loved it and didn’t want to let it go.

I do like green and pink together in these sort of projects.

What is your favourite colour combo?


Make My Week # 21 Lego Man Cushion

Another six-year-old birthday and another personalised cushion.

This little guy is a LEGO lover and so I thought I’d make him a little cushion with the iconic LEGO man on it.

I free-hand copied it and then stitched it on in felt.

Pretty pleased with it and I think the birthday boy was too.

Other creative spaces here

I share my creative space on Village Voices

Make My Week # 49 – all Weather Bunting

This is the first bunting I have actually made.

I used some plastic flyscreen/strapping type stuff and an offcut of red satin.

It looks cute around our Christmas shaped conifer don’t you think? Shame the wind didn’t think so. Now I have to find somewhere else to put it. (I’m not really a conifer lover we have 3 I’d like to lose but this one stays because of its shape).

There are other real things being made but most of them can’t be featured just yet….

Make My Week #19 – Cushion Cover

A while ago I signed up for a cushion cover swap.

Swaps are a bit like chain letters for grown-ups. You say you’ll make someone something and someone makes you something in return.

Last week I sent off this cover to its new home as part of the cushion cover swap. I’m not sure if it has arrived yet…so I won’t give away who it is for.

I made it from an old blanket and felt. I’m pleased with it so I hope it is her taste. I think I’ll probably make one for me at some point.

Now I get to look forward to one arriving for me sometime! If you want to see the kind of cushion covers other people are making and sending click here. Many thanks to Vic the organiser!

Make My Week #16 Draft Stoppers

These were a request from The Atlas

A request to craft? From the husband? How’s a girl to resist.

I even tried to choose manly fabric!

And I put some words on them. Because I love words

And really how boring would they be otherwise?

Also one is entirely stuffed from the contents of my sewing room rubbish bin. Loving the recycling people.

And now we have no drafts in the hall and 2 new things for the boys to play with so it seems. Flip is very pleased with the words. He likes words too – bless him!

Project Therapy

66/100 complete

Yesterday I completed Challenge 22 – to teach a friend a new craft. My lovely friend Rachel is recuperating from an op and it was  the perfect time for her to start some needle felting and quilting.

So we have been working together and she is creating 3 very special and personal masterpieces and I have been part of making that happen.

A bit of the Progress

It is funny how sharing a hobby can also be significant to someone. Sometimes wise words and fixing aren’t actually needed. Sometimes company and a shared idea and excitement can be a gift to someone too.

Master 4 likes pikelets

Master 1 enjoyed making mess and playing in her kitchen sink to warm his hands.


We all enjoyed eating pikelets together.

He Mahana te Wai

I am right in the midst of a crazy August and I have visions of blossoms that seem to be never-ending and never enough. Hopefully the deadline will be met – here is a sneaky peak.

The Blossoms

In the bright blue sky we let 2 balloons go sailing away. They went up and up and up – after a moment of being stuck in a tree!

Balloon In A Tree

We hope they sail like a happy thought to someone who needs them.

Can You See It?