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Make My Week #52 – Bits and Bobs

I always find this number 52 post such a pleasure to write. I get such a sense of satisfaction in making it to the end of the year and knowing I have made 52 things during the year.

Christmas Eve PJs

This week I include some things I haven’t shared because I didn’t want to spoil Leonie’s surprises in the Advent swap or I just ran out of space to share because I made something else that week too, or I didn’t share because I did them for Wardrobe Wednesday (like I did this week).

So for your viewing pleasure the final random installment of things I made over the year.




I’d love to do a montage of all the things I made but unless I feel highly motivated in the next couple of days it isn’t going to happen – and actually just now I’m highly motivated to start making new things for 2013 and to sort out and de-clutter my little sewing room.

Advent Gifts for Leonie






I don’t think there are any linkies going on this week so I’m just all here by myself with you for wonderful company.

Don’t you love this little sheep? His costume zips from top to bottom at the back….


Will You Still Respect Me?

All this year I have been making our bread by hand. 2 loaves at a time (if I have to knead I might as well do 2 at once!)

Usually the loaves contain wholemeal flour. Nothing beats the smell of homemade bread or that awesome flavour…..

Handmade Malt Bread

But there is still a little place on my palate for rubbish-y white….I’m talking truly, the ‘white trash’ of the bread family. You know cheap, melts in your mouth, no crunching required. There’s a bit of me that still can’t resist a good peanut butter slathered, nasty white bread sandwich. (I may have eaten 2 today when I had to buy a quick loaf because we’d run out of homemade!)

What’s your dirty food secret? Not the whole packet of chocolate biscuits you ate watching  ANTM or The Biggest Loser. I mean the thing you’re kind of ashamed to like because it’s totally un-cool.

Secret Confessions and a Giveaway

This week I have the fun of trying out some of Baker’s Delight Hi-Fibre Lo-GI (of the nutritional rather than military GI) bread. We went off and collected this yesterday and had it bread sliced. We also picked up some cheesy rolls and maybe a finger bun because really could you go past this?

Finger Bun Action

This week I am going to be letting you know about my adventures with said bread BUT you also have the chance to win some too. Baker’s Delight are sending me 5 x $5 vouchers to give away! Cool huh?

This is the deal as well as letting you know about what my boys are having in their lunches I will ask you delve into the secret embarrassment and delights of your own lunchbox experiences. Each day (Weds-Fri) I will draw a random winner and then over the weekend I will choose 2 entries that made me laugh to get the other 2 vouchers.


To enter you need to leave a comment on the days topic. Obviously you need to have a Baker’s delight nearby.

Today Master 4 decided to have bacon and ham in his sandwich… seriously usually when I ask what he wants he opts for honey or peanut butter. So I made it.

Master 2 wanted…. no surprises …..’ p-nutter’.

Master 4

I try hard to have lunch boxes that aren’t full of packet food. Today I think there was a reasonable balance.

Now for today’s topic – lunchbox secrets. I have this enduring memory from primary school cloak-bays…. someone would walk out at lunch time while you were all getting lunch and say ‘ewww who has egg sandwiches?’ and everyone would make appropriate disapproving /gagging noises. Including me. Trouble is I loved egg sandwiches when I had them but I couldn’t cope with the disapproval from others. Much like dropping a ‘blow-off’ at a ladies event it was something I didn’t want to own up to. So then of course one had to try to eat one’s sandwiches without anyone seeing it was you that had the egg sandwiches.

Master 2

You’ll be pleased to know I’m loud and proud with my egg sandwiches now but I can’t say I’ll always own up to the other – good thing I still have one in nappies to blame.

To enter today’s draw for a Baker’s Delight voucher confess what you secretly like to eat but are ashamed to confess – children’s leftovers count.



72/100 complete

Today I have made tortillas

For Dipping with Salsa

Put together Mexican spice sachets for our guests to take home

'Party Favours'

Washed dainty glasses, actually my Turkish Teacups – all the way from Turkey and their first use!

Lovely Teacups

And made an amazing Chilli Spiced Hot Chocolate that has more calories than a fast food restaurant and more kick than a donkey with PMS! Seriously spicy, I am going to serve it with cream on the side. Currently keeping warm in the croc pot – who would have thought!??


I’m not really decorating but I am looking forward to an evening of eating Mexican food and laughing with friends.

Spice Mix

The house is clean and 2 sets of guests are bringing their own chairs! It’s a good thing that my aesthetic is mix-y match-y. It makes big dinner parties easier – no pressure for everything to look perfect or even match.

A Global Palate

56/100 complete

I’m a bit of a menu planner. Each week I write-up what will be for dinner each night and then we use the list to shop with. It is a very ‘Sophie Gray’ kind of concept but the biggest payback for me is that I don’t face very morning with the dreaded question – What will I make for tea tonight? and if anyone wants to ask it I have an answer without feeling like shouting at them.

Today I was looking at our plan for the week and I realised we’re being very global this week. Last night: Risotto – Italy, Tonight: Butter Chicken Soup – India, Weds: Tortillas – Mexican, Thurs: Roasted Vegetables and Couscous – Mediterranean, Friday: Meatloaf – English I guess, Sat: Stirfry – Asian and Sunday: Sushi – Japanese. Quite balanced don’t you think?

Food is a big topic in our house. We like food and we have pretty varied tastes from all cultures and all levels of the food snobbery ladder (even right at the bottom I have to confess!)

Food Glorious Food!

49/100 complete 

Finger Puppet 1


Last night my best friend and I completed Challenge 29 – well he didn’t but I did. Grandma and Granddad gave us a night off and we went to the gorgeous ‘Simo’s’ here in Christchurch. The food was outstanding but I decided it was time to do the most unusual thing on the menu. So instead of going for the chocolate torte for dessert I chose ‘Chocolate Stuffed Figs with Rose Petal Ice-Cream and Candied Peel’. I love dried figs but not fresh ones so I was hoping… The dessert looked gorgeous I wish I had my camera. It was absolutely delicious and the figs were dried. 

Yesterday was coffee and crafting so I whipped up a couple of finger puppets and an ugly monster for the present box. 

Mr Ugly


I might keep the finger puppets in my bag for queue emergencies! 

Finger Puppet


Today I’ve baked for some beautiful people in our lives who need fattening up! 

Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies


I love the gift of food especially the home-made variety. 

Home Baking

Don’t you love it when…

36/100 complete

Today I completed Challenge 98–  to have my mobile phone off for a whole day and night. This wasn’t really that tricky although I did pick it up to check it a couple of times during the day! Usually my phone is out of batteries, out of money or both so it’s not the most reliable means of contacting me at the best of times.

Anyway back to the title ‘don’t you love it when’… I have taken a deep breath and departed from numbering each day!

Don’t you love it when the weather report is WRONG! and you decided to hang out yesterday’s partially dry washing even though it was supposed to get cloudy and rain. Then you took a risk and did another load of washing and then you went all out and washed your new vintage sheets AND IT WAS SUNNY!

The Washing Line

Yes! I also love it when I head off to the shops to buy new pens – I have no idea where the vortex is that ours are getting sucked into – and you happen to walk past and op-shop and so you come home with 2 vintage sheets for projects.

Sheet 1

Sheet 2

And a glorious bedspread that will be made into something wonderful as well.

Bedspread Detail

Even better you spend $12.97 and come home with no pens and you feel very pleased with yourself.

Tonight I am planning to do some more work on Master 1’s quilt although I haven’t yet bought the fabric to back it so I might get a little stuck. I also need to decide what to make Master 3 for his birthday on the weekend – do I sound disorganised? I feel it a bit!

Tonight I made 2 dinners Aromatic Rice and Goulash the boys were happy mucking about in the garden, and eating leaves in Master 1’s case, thanks to sunny day and I thought why not. Both meals don’t really require much work and now they are done.

Also today…don’t you love little people when they’ve just woken up from a day sleep and they’re all squishy looking?

Woken Up


Don’t you love playing with your food?

Edible Play

Don’t you love what shampoo can achieve?

Shampoo Shaping