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The Final Advent Installment

The final 3 days of Advent absolutely blew me away.

Through the whole of the advent swap I was so blessed by the thoughtfulness, creative talent and heart-felt generosity I undeservedly received from Leonie.

Day 23

 This AMAZING cushion. I have such a thing about Suffolk Puffs and this one has so inspired me to make myself some more puff-craft.

and more beads I love

The boys received their final installment of our nativity pieces

Day 24:

 The boys were given these gorgeous pillow case covers with PJ pockets and handles for transporting to story telling spots and sweet golden books too.


and I received this stunningly beautiful hand-made necklace (which I then planned my Christmas outfit around) and this incredible hand-made bag – can you imagine the hours and hours of stitching that went into this???


Christmas Day:

The boys received gorgeous books and these stunning hand-made place mats (Bounce has decided it’s rather too good for that and it is actually a quilt for his teddy)

and I received this amazing cook book which I have looked at wistfully before

and my own hand made tu-tu/ petticoat. You can bet I am already planning an outfit based around this gorgeous piece of loveliness.

Leonie (ever generous) also sent a gift for The Atlas – unfortunately we had a letter box break in on Christmas Eve so I am really, really hoping it was not in there at the time…..praying instead it has been caught up in the backlog of Christmas post along with another gift that was due to arrive for another family member.

I cannot begin to really describe how special and humbled I have felt throughout December and even more special I have had the pleasure of meeting Leonie and I have her now as a new and amazing friend. I am blessed and blissed!! :o)


Make My Week #52 – Bits and Bobs

I always find this number 52 post such a pleasure to write. I get such a sense of satisfaction in making it to the end of the year and knowing I have made 52 things during the year.

Christmas Eve PJs

This week I include some things I haven’t shared because I didn’t want to spoil Leonie’s surprises in the Advent swap or I just ran out of space to share because I made something else that week too, or I didn’t share because I did them for Wardrobe Wednesday (like I did this week).

So for your viewing pleasure the final random installment of things I made over the year.




I’d love to do a montage of all the things I made but unless I feel highly motivated in the next couple of days it isn’t going to happen – and actually just now I’m highly motivated to start making new things for 2013 and to sort out and de-clutter my little sewing room.

Advent Gifts for Leonie






I don’t think there are any linkies going on this week so I’m just all here by myself with you for wonderful company.

Don’t you love this little sheep? His costume zips from top to bottom at the back….

Make My Week #41 – The Perfect Little Present for a Stationery Lover

I love Spring it gives me this sudden burst of crafting energy. This week I have done all sorts of bits and pieces.

I saw an idea similar to this on Pinterest and I thought it looked like fun so I promptly bought myself a wee saw and a tiny drill bit (haven’t managed this part yet)

as with all good creative projects I tried one like what I saw and then I changed things to my own ideas.

I am turning these into brooches.

There is a bit of work on the hand holding the pencils while you saw but on the whole these are a super easy, super cute project and one I think would make a lovely and do-able present for teachers at the end of the year.

If you don’t count the RSI and the purchasing of a new saw (which was only $10) it was also cheap. Some hot glue, brooch backs and a packet of pencils – $2.90.

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Are you a gifter for teachers? What kinds of things do you buy?

Do you find that you go off on your own tangent when you start making things or do you stick firmly to the pattern?

Make My Week #38 – Rest

It’s a friend’s birthday this week and like most people I know she is a busy, self-sacrificing, wonderful woman.

So I made her a rice heat pack with a zip off cover even! – apologies to those who find the use of food offensive in crafting – and an eye mask.

She is a dog and animal lover so I thought this fun fabric was perfect.

The eye mask came from an idea and tutorial on Amelie and Atticus (a blog I read) – note my awesome cutting skills that means the dog has no head – yeah I marvel at my talent sometimes too!

I have infused both with some lavender and lemon essential oils – restful and reviving – hopefully they don’t cause confusion!

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I’ve also made some yummy and easy muesli this week – let me know if you’d be keen for a recipe post.

Both the rice heat pack and the  eye mask are very easy first-timer projects if you are someone who is keen to start sewing.

Make My Week #37 – Wonder and Discover

In July I made some embroidered brooches and did and giveaway and the winners could choose the words.

The winners words were Wonder and Discover

these are the parcels that flew away in the post

I particularly like wonder. You can see the winners post about it here – so sweet it’s going to school for show and tell.

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Make My Week #27 – Cushions, Cushions, Cushions!

Another birthday present cushion and a set of cushions for a friend for their holiday home.

The birthday cushion was a very girly girl. From Mum’s description I would say the room was very Disney princess and this is about as close as I get to pink on pink.

I did some little hand-stitched details on the other cushions just to make them a bit more interesting.

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This year I’ve been making something creative every week

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Make My Week #22 – Cupcake Cushion

Joining in here again – oh so inspiring to see what people make in their creative lives

I share my creative space on Village Voices

This week it is another birthday party present for a very sweet little lady.

I like the colour combo and the way her name turned out – I free motion stitched it on the machine. Flip assured me after the party she loved it and didn’t want to let it go.

I do like green and pink together in these sort of projects.

What is your favourite colour combo?

Make My Week # 21 Lego Man Cushion

Another six-year-old birthday and another personalised cushion.

This little guy is a LEGO lover and so I thought I’d make him a little cushion with the iconic LEGO man on it.

I free-hand copied it and then stitched it on in felt.

Pretty pleased with it and I think the birthday boy was too.

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I share my creative space on Village Voices

Make My Week #9 Bags

I’ve seen a lot of bunting around over the last wee while but I haven’t seen it on a bag until I did it myself. (although there may be others doing it of course!)

I love the way bunting makes anything feel happy and celebratory.

This bag is quite big and I’ve fully lined it in gorgeous ‘old Mother Hubbard’ fabric and added a cell-phone pocket to make it more useable.

I made 2 of these but I won’t keep either. 1 is for a beautiful mama facing a very difficult journey of watching her 3 year-old go through cancer treatment – more info here. I’ll tell you where the other one is going next week.

I did some free-motion work to make the words – I am getting more confident at it. Made entirely from things in my stash.

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And because I especially love this bag and how craft can be a bright star in a dull day I’m joining in with Simone and other bloggers picking their favourite post of the week.

Make My Week #6 – Softie

Little man turning 1. Present required.

Got inspiration from a softies book on my shelves.

Didn’t use the pattern – which is why the limbs could be described as seriously out of proportion.

First time using one of the awesome tags Juliet made for me.

Used all stash and stuffed with a mixture of polyfill and fabric scraps.

Like the facial expression though.

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