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Make My Week #52 – Bits and Bobs

I always find this number 52 post such a pleasure to write. I get such a sense of satisfaction in making it to the end of the year and knowing I have made 52 things during the year.

Christmas Eve PJs

This week I include some things I haven’t shared because I didn’t want to spoil Leonie’s surprises in the Advent swap or I just ran out of space to share because I made something else that week too, or I didn’t share because I did them for Wardrobe Wednesday (like I did this week).

So for your viewing pleasure the final random installment of things I made over the year.




I’d love to do a montage of all the things I made but unless I feel highly motivated in the next couple of days it isn’t going to happen – and actually just now I’m highly motivated to start making new things for 2013 and to sort out and de-clutter my little sewing room.

Advent Gifts for Leonie






I don’t think there are any linkies going on this week so I’m just all here by myself with you for wonderful company.

Don’t you love this little sheep? His costume zips from top to bottom at the back….


Make My Week #40 – October Dress

At the beginning of the year one of my goals was to make myself a piece of clothing every month this year.

Recently I had my sister over to go through my fabric stash and help me out with re-visiting fabrics (another goal this year was to buy less fabric and use the stuff I actually have!).

So I have, finally, whipped up this very, very simple dress. Literally 2 pieces of fabric and some bias binding from the stash and the dress is done.

I love this fabric it is super stretchy and quite heavy. I bought the fabric for $4.99 from an op shop about 3 years ago. There was loads of it I still have a least half a metre left.

Another perfect summer dress for the days where the shaving regimen has gone out the window (happens to me anyway!).


I made this dress from start to finish in about 1.5 hours – I can’t believe it’s taken 3 years to get around to it.

Joining in with our Creative Spaces – click on the button on the right. I was going to save this for Wardrobe Wednesday but where is the fun in showing you something I’ve already shown you?

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Make My Week #30 – Stitching and A Giveaway

I have got a black work embroidery book out of the library a couple of times now and felt very inspired by it and when I asked for traveling crafts recently a few people suggested some stitch work so I had a rummaged through my extensive craft book collection and found one with some black work stitches in it.

All of this is just free-hand rambling rather than following patterns which is good because the fabric is very fine and it would have been a nightmare to be counting carefully.

I made the first one in response to a verse in the book of Job (in the Bible) that spoke to me. I realise it’s fairly random out of context and personal meaning – suffice to say it is about how I feel about bearing the scent of hope in my life and how I hope that might affect/ give hope to others…..

the others are wee brooches I whipped up for fun playing with stitches and with the words from my blog title. One of the ‘inspires’ didn’t turn out as I had envisaged it (happens when you make stuff up as you go along!) so I made another one.

So to the July giveaway –  this month I want to make a personalised hand stitched brooch for you. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment with the word you would want on a brooch. You can also say which style you like best if you want to. I’m happy to send one of these wee chaps anywhere in the world. Entries close Friday 3rd of August 2012.

On the subject of giveaways – bookworms and people who like great ideas for kids head over here pronto – your choice of book giveaway and a great blog to read – yes please.

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Make My Week #29 Come for Tea

Cup of tea that is!

Last year at Christmas time some of the chch bloggers had a Christmas party and swap.

Delightful Kirsty gave me a wooden tray with a dolphin on it and some gorgeous fabric (which is currently on special at her shop in a different colourway) with a challenge for a make-over. Being that 6 or 7 months have passed I imagine she has forgotten entirely about it. I gave it a makeover and here is the result.

Sanded, cleaned, fabric’d, varnished several coats.

Now I just need a friend over for some tea and biscuits – anyone keen?

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What are you making at the moment?

Make My Week #19 – Jacket

I found this pattern at a junk shop a while ago and I liked the shape and the over puffy sleeves (do puffy sleeves remind anyone else of Anne of Green Gables??)

I changed it up a bit in by taking the lapel opening all the way to the bottom of the jacket and using a button and loop system.

The buttons are vintage ones I got off my step-mother and the fabric is some I bought last year or even the year before – it has a slightly pearlised surface and comes from somewhere in Africa from recollection.

I also made the sleeves a lot slimmer to try to reduce the amount of volume going on.

This is my second clothing make for May.

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Make My Week #17 it’s a pj party

When I did my mad men challenge last month I also ended up with new blogs to read. And one of the new blogs I read (Did You Make That?) has been hosting a PJ sew-along.

What you need to know – yes I wear flannel pjs. Isn’t it one of the great mysteries and sorrows of the world that one doesn’t look anywhere near as adorable in one’s flannel PJs as one feels?

The singlet is from my draws and I sewed the doily on. Flannel was a hand-me-down from a mother’s stash…. (call it an estate stash if you will).

Cost $0 all from my stash -whoop! Thanks Karen for such a fun challenge. Check out other ladies in their very respectable and non-inappropriate pjs from 28th of April – here. Apologies for the ‘come hither’ stare I’m not much of a bedroom model – these were the best of a very average bunch!

Karen also asked everyone to say what was on their bedside table so in light of sharing:

But Is it Real by Amy Orr-Ewing – a great book for people who have intellectual and other objections or questions about Christianity as a faith for intelligent rational people.

How to Keep the YOU in Mum by Karyn Riley – a book I will be reviewing at some point this year.

The latest Burda magazine – quite keen to make this one –

and a book from the library –  Love Vintage a passion for collecting fashion – totally gorgeous book full of beautiful pictures of clothing through the 1900s – tempted to add it to my book wish list.

What are you reading at the moment?

Does this count as my clothing make for the month? I think so!

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Wardrobe Wednesday #13, Make My Week #13 and Mad Men Challenge #2

Here I am again with a triple post! This is my second offering as part of adorable Julia’s Mad Men Challenge (click the button on the side for more info).

This is my version of the ‘wiggle dress’ which seems to feature prominently in the series and also heavily inspired by the Joan ‘va-va -voom’ Holloway character – who has a seriously womanly figure.

When I made this dress I added quite a lot in the bust department (about 2 sizes worth) but when I finished it my ‘cup was running over’, if you know what I mean!! So I added in the pleated section along the neckline in the reverse of the fabric.

To stop it being too dated looking I added the exposed zip on the back and used more modern jewellery.

The fabric is the same old curtain I used for the top of my other mad men dress. I do love this colour. I also added in the blue velvet ribbon as a little bit of detail and ……I did a blind hem (my mother will be so proud).

Teamed up with:

Earrings – Budapest on our 5th wedding anniversary, Necklace – Trade Aid, Rings – D/K c/o- my sis, Greek inscription ring I designed and The Atlas got made for our 2nd anniversary, Shoes – TKmaxx in the UK.

Pop over and see what other people are wearing at Nin’s the theme for March is Homemade!

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Make My Week #12 – Patchwork

Last year I learnt the ‘stack and slash’ method of quilting.

I have finally applied it again! This top was made entirely from vintage sheets in my stash and is backed with super soft 100% brushed cotton.

I also hand quilted some of the pieces so the layers stayed together.

I love the softness of all the blues side by side. This has been made as a raffle piece for a very special cause you’ll be hearing more about at the beginning of April.

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Make My Week #8 Kimono, Op-Shop, Nighty Dress

This dress is made from fabric I picked up at an op-shop last year.

It’s rather kimono like in its texture and I used a retro nighty pattern as the base.

It’s not a great fit but it will be nice for faffing about in during summer (and what can you expect from a nighty pattern!). Obviously the pattern didn’t include the frill and extra bits at the top. It’s also my clothing make for February.

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Make My Week #6 – Softie

Little man turning 1. Present required.

Got inspiration from a softies book on my shelves.

Didn’t use the pattern – which is why the limbs could be described as seriously out of proportion.

First time using one of the awesome tags Juliet made for me.

Used all stash and stuffed with a mixture of polyfill and fabric scraps.

Like the facial expression though.

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