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Make It Work!

36/100 complete

Tonight I am working on Master soon-to-be 4’s handmade birthday gift. Lots of hand-sewing means I can at least watch the final of Project Runway while I work.

Last night I also made some needle felted brooches which I think I will use for the giveaway.

Felted Brooches

Fabric and wadding for Master 1’s quilt also bought  and I have bought the equipment I need for my mystery project too.

Hopefully tomorrow I might have a sneak peek of the birthday gift ready.


Day 114 & 115

31/100 complete 

The outfit was finished on time. The final applique had some work at coffee and crafting (thanks Chrissy) but all was done and ready to wear for Saturday night. 

Felt Hearts on Skirt


I was a little disheartened with the skirt along the way but then I applied the felt ‘garden’ and now it is totally redeemed. I call this my ‘love garden’ skirt because all the ‘flowers’ are hearts in circles. 

The Outfit


The top is plain but not black which I am trying to remove from my wardrobe as much as possible. While I have no problem with black I just don’t love the way it looks on me. I don’t really think it suits my colouring, my personality or even the style I dress with. 

I received these gorgeous photos today from my lovely quilt recipient. I cheekly asked if she might send me an email of the quilt in its new home and here it is! 

Getting to Know the New Family

Apart from that I am heading into a week without my camera so I will have to work harder at my descriptions and hopefully have lots of things to show you by next weekend. 

Last night I had the treat of a dinner out with lovely husband at a fabulous Christchurch restaurant – Chinwag, Eat Thai. I love going to a restaurant that has great food, interesting decor and staff that seem to love their job. A great experience. 

Also this weekend I crossed off the French Toast recipe. Husband and I enjoyed French Toast for Saturday lunch. 

French Toast


It was improved by the fact it was made using my home-made bread and topped with home-made ‘maple syrup’. 

French Toast with Maple Syrup

Then we watched the heats of the 48 hour film festival and went home for a sleep without our babies.  Thanks to the grandparents we had a blissful sleep in this morning and I am feeling thoroughly spoilt. Aren’t families such a gift from God? 

Quilt At New Home

Day 111

31/100 complete 

The raffle is drawn. I used a computer program to do the deed for me so I could maintain non-bias. 

Quilt, Quilt


Enter a number:

I want a number between 1 and… 



And this is the result. As you can see from the above I had 413 tickets sold and the final amount to be sent with a card is $707.70 I know a rather random figure but there were some donations too.
The raffle has far exceeded my hopes. When I set out I was hoping to make about $200-300 so I am more than thrilled that one small creative endeavour can generate so much good will among others.
I called the winner and tomorrow I will drop off the quilt. The winner was thrilled and assures me the quilt will be well-loved. The winner was one of the concert attendees so I am also super grateful to the singer who so generously allowed me to attend and sell tickets at her concert.
A happy result for all.

Goodbye Quilt


After all the excitement and money counting I now need to bank the money, write the card and post it off and deliver the quilt to its new home. Of course I’ll let you know of any response. So many thanks to all of you who bought tickets or encouraged my efforts.
Tonight I am going to have a bit of a go with some needle felting and make some plans for a new sewing project using my dress makers dummy.

Lovely Wool


Here are my current piles of wool that I use for felting. When it comes to colour I like colours that look edible and also any colour that looks like it could be in a peacock’s feathers.

For Felting


Day 65

Make, Give, Contribute, Challenge. 1 year, 100 creative challenges. 16/100 complete.

Today was a lovely mix-y kind of day. A morning full of 4 little lovelies – bus rides, park play and library then this afternoon a chance to craft, chat and chill. I met the lovely, crafty, blogger Deb (see her comment day 31 – I think to link to her blog) for an afternoon at the Addington Co-op Cafe – all fair trade and lovely vibes. She brought crochet and 2 gorgeous girls and I brought felt buttons that will become brooches and we had fun. This is set to become a monthly thing for anyone who wants to craft and catch up so I’ll give you a heads up next time.

Felt Button Brooches

Sadly I left one of my little felt hearts there – probably on the floor so I can only hope it is a treat for someone who finds it!

Here is my ‘work’.

Little Master 1 caught my attention this evening with his own delights. He carried around an empty clear dental floss case with his own little ‘treasure’ inside it – a small stone. He also liked the look of the cotton reels I had out as well.

Little Blue Thing

Little Treasure

Little Green Thing

On Thursday and Friday at Playcentre we made our own pillow case covers and this gorgeous one is Master 3’s effort. Now I just need to iron it to heat set the textile paint – finishing is such hard work!

Master 3's Masterpiece

I think I’ll continue with my felting tonight just because I really do need some things for the present box and it’s so quick and after and afternoon of talking creative endeavours I have to continue!

I also need to check the challenge status and make sure that I have a couple sorted in my head for next week. Until then remember Master 3’s tip for cleaning your bike – ride it through the sprinkler and my tip there is much beauty in little things so open your eyes and look….