Unfolding Hope – Ordinary People Changing History

The fact that there are 27 million people in slavery round the world completely overwhelms me – how do I deal with a number like that when I am just one mama living a comfortable life in New Zealand?

The fact is alone I can do very little but together we can achieve much.

Last year I read a story in Good magazine detailing slavery happening in our waters and I felt motivated to do something tangible instead of standing paralysed on the sidelines. From this Unfolding Hope was born. We are a group of ‘ordinary’ women who want to use our abilities and our creative talents to inspire, motivate and initiate change.

We are our unfolding hopes for the world, put into action.

We have made, created, selected, asked for and collated a collection of beautiful, ethical, handmade things to show you our appreciation for your partnership with us.

We are asking you to put your wallet where our hope is and donate to our cause. We will be sending every dollar we make to the Free The Slaves charity which is set up to free people caught in slavery. Real people like us with families and children and friends. Free the Slaves aims to eradicate slavery in our lifetime.

We support grassroot anti-slavery groups around the world: Free the Slaves works with liberators on the frontlines who risk their lives to bring slaves to freedom. They literally knock down doors and help slaves escape. But they also help survivors rebuild their lives, and work for systemic solutions.

For every $10 you donate before April 30th we will put your name into a draw (one international and one NZ based) to win a selection of wonderful prizes.

Look at what we can achieve together:

Please go now and make a donation by credit card or via your pay pal account if you have one.

We are given one life, let’s use it to make real lasting change in the world. Together we can say ‘I saved someones life in 2012’.

Please spread the word – Go here to: grab our button

like us on facebook

blog about this,

email people you know.

If I can afford to go out for a cupcake with my children I can afford to something about the hideous issue of slavery.

Thank you so much to all the people who have generously given their time, products, expertise, enthusiasm and joy to making unfolding hope a reality.

For more posts to see prizes and links to other posts about unfolding hope use the drop-down from the Unfolding Hope tab at the top of this blog.

Unfolding Hope is a group of Kiwi women who have decided to use our skills, time and creativity to make change in the lives of people. People matter and together our voices can rise against injustice and shine light into dark places. If you would like to donate an item to this raffle or your organization would like to sponsor postage please contact Miriam makeitgiveit@gmail.com



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