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Wardrobe Wednesday

Today I’m showing photos of my wardrobe I call it ‘The place I hang my colour’

Do come and join in 

Miriam x


Wardrobe Wednesday

Just a reminder I’d love to have you join me over here for Wardrobe Wednesday

Today I’m talking about sizes… I’d love to have your opinion too.

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Wardrobe Wednesday – A New Adventure

Hello dear ones

I am now the new official host of wardrobe wednesday – I’d love, love for you to come across and play and join me and say nice things…. over at my blogger blog (the same but different) every Wednesday – Create Hope Inspire.

Please come over I’d love to see you! If you are a google reader it is really easy to connect up and follow me there if it suits you better and you can follow by email there too.

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Wardrobe Wednesday – A Bit of a Wiggle

I made this dress a while ago out of an old curtain I got from my mother in law. I originally made it dress as part of the Julia Bobbin Mad Men Challenge.

I love it I feel like it is such a good shape for me. I’d say the era would be 50s or 60s in its silhouette.

Outfit Breakdown:

Dress $0  I made it from an old curtain of my MIL using a pattern from the 80s – I gave it an exposed zip at the back to make it less dressed up (I am quite partial to dressed up though – life is worth dressing up for!)

A cardi  (which is navy not black) Glassons $30

my new $15 boots from Cotton on. I get comments on them every time I wear them.

A necklace I made recently

Pop over and see Nin she has NEWS! (and leave her a comment – she loves them)
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Wardrobe Wednesday – A little light Charleston?

So I am so not built for the late 20s/ early 30s but this week I was going for capturing a bit of the era. I know the coat isn’t of the era but I do love it.

I would have loved long strands of pearls (fake are fine) to complete the look but I don’t have any so I used some of my school-fair 50c strands in blue.

The shoes are from Hannahs and I’ve had them for a couple of years now – I love the way they look (they aren’t very comfy though!)

The dress is the latest acquisition – I bought it at another SaveMart in Christchurch on Saturday. It is super comfy – think stretchy and soft and I have a feeling it might actually be a nighty – not that that stopped me wearing it to church.

Outfit breakdown:

Coat – bought in an op-shop about 9 years ago – original 1960s number.

Dress – $9.99 Save Mart Christchurch

Beads – 50c per strand school fair – bracelet is a long string of beads too

Shoes – Hannahs 2-3 years old

Tights – ancient!!

Headband – from one of those accessory shops in the malls about 3 years ago

Lipstick – a Lancome one I inherited from my sister ‘172 rouge cristal’

So if you are like me and you like spying in other people’s wardrobes you can see some in these lovely places

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Wardrobe Wednesday – about as 80s as I can manage

Sticking with an era for inspiration I’m working within some of the 80s parameters this week.

There will be exceptions:

– shoulder pads (all ready have my own naturally robust shoulders padding not needed)

– crop tops and exposed midriff – yeah not really thinking anyone would appreciate a large exposure of white stretched mark tummy (I know you can thank me later)

I’m not actually a great fan of the 80s fashions – power suits, MC hammer pants, oversized fluro t-shirts, overalls!, stone-washed jeans, pants that don’t quite make it all the way to the ankles…..

Last week I was all 1950s and I do really, really love the shape but I also have to have fun with the way I dress. I am not a uniform wearer. I am about personality and fun. I like dressing up and I like variety.

This is my ‘I ❤ Jesus’ dress which I first showed off here.

This is my ‘day-wear’ version.

Footless tights – hand-me-down

Shoes – Emily the Strange $7 from a school fair

Dress – $0 fabric and pattern gifted everything else from my stash, handmade

Jacket – bought in Amsterdam in 2004 from Vera Moda I think

Do you stick to a similar style of dressing most days or are you like me feminine one day, channelling a bit of punk the next?

Here’s some other ensembles I’ve thrown together this year

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Of Your Era

This month the inspiration for Wardrobe Wednesday is the decade that suits you best

For me I’m a clear 50s girl – I have the ‘perfect’ figure or at least vaguely the right shape. Although I think the designs of the 20s/30s are gorgeous and the designs of the 60s a lot of fun neither styles are built for curves.

This means I go well with an hourglass shaped – either fitted or full in the skirt

This is the outfit I put together for my new haircut last week.

I bought the shirt from Timaru savemart at the same time as I bought this dress. It was a size or 2 bigger than I would normally buy but I used my dress makers dummy to make some serious depth in the darts and left the top part as it was. Then I added the black ribbon and I was all ready for a new do.


Top – $5.99 Savemart Timaru

Belt – ribbon from Spotlight

Skirt – bought on sale 10 years ago Catalyst

Tights – part of a set bought at Cosmic in chch

Shoes – bought in a bundle of 4 off trade me – 25cents!

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Something Old, Something New

and if I had worn the ugg boots I was in around the house or the gumboots I wore to go out I could have included the ‘something borrowed’ (both from my sister – who is due to return to NZ soon – at which time my wardrobe will shrink again!)

and a lot of ‘something blue’

Outfit rundown:

Jacket – my mama wore this when she was pregnant with me and my sisters. My older sister had it shortened. I love it.

Tights – glassons on sale $5

Cardi – also from glassons (I had a voucher!) $30 – 1st wear!

Skirt – handmade and altered recently

Singlet – jay jays about 4 years ago

Necklace – Trade Aid

Earrings – won in a giveaway

He wears – pretty much all hand-me-downs and whatever he decided to put on this morning. My policy is to pretty much let them choose what they want to wear with some weather restrictions. This often means they look at little thrown together but I figure that’s okay. Neither own a pair of jeans…. they’re shorts and t-shirts kind of boys and because we get given so much clothing I make them very little.

What are you wearing today? Do you like colour in winter or do cosy up in dark colours?

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Wardrobe Wednesday – Apres Ski

Okay so I can tell you with all certainty I don’t look glamorous or even presentable every day.

In the spirit of sharing I have included a selection of my holiday outfits at the Mt. John Observatory, on the ski field, ice skating. I know I am SO stylish!!! 😉

This is my actual outfit of the week. I bought this at SaveMart in Timaru on the way home (we took a little detour).  One strap needed re-sewing, very quick job – a reason for getting rid of a dress?? Maybe its original owner hated mending as much as I do.


Dress – $11.99 SaveMart Timaru

Top – Zara UK

Necklace – homemade, you like?

Shoes – The Warehouse – $5 on sale

I have been inspired by some layering going on by some of the Wardrobe Wednesday ladies. I love that this dress will also work for summer. Super comfy, stretchy, lightweight….

See what others are wearing over at Nin’s place.

Leave them a comment they’ll be stoked.
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Wardrobe Wednesday

Another Wednesday – sadly a series of very average photos – um, sorry about that folks! This is me trying to wear something slightly above the jeans and hoodie that seems to become my winter holiday uniform.

Yeah so the I think I might look better in this outfit in real life….. at least I hope I do! Glad I wore flats though as I was at Flip’s swimming lesson and I had to sprint (we had walked) all the way home when I realised I had left the oven on with biscuits baking in it. Seriously unfit – literally could not sprint all the way – must be less than one km, had a sore throat and a cough for a good half hour afterwards due to exertion of running. Also house stinks – grateful for a sunny day when I could open every window and door in the place.

If I said I took the photos after all this it could excuse the facial expressions, blur, and lack of a decent pose – I’d be lying though and I wouldn’t do that to you would I? Also I obviously don’t actually wear the hood up but it’s fun for the photos right?

Jeans – River Island – hand me down

Top – Farmers on sale – I think I paid $7.50.

Jacket – handmade 2010

Earrings – made last week, getting a lot of wear

shoes – el cheapo but I needed some flat shoes so I bought them….. from the warehouse

Pop over and see what slightly more inspired people are wearing this week! Why don’t you join in – everyone is welcome and I’ve set the bar nice and low don’t you think??

I’ll be back later today with a giveaway winner.
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